XTERRA TR150 Review 2021

         Our Rating: 3.5/5



One of the most economically-priced treadmills we’ve ever reviewed, the XTERRA TR150 is a good fit for those looking to get some basic exercise in between their busy schedule. While this treadmill won’t be able to keep up if you plan on becoming an exercise guru, it’s great for leisure strollers looking for compact, easily storable treadmill that won’t break the bank.

If your budget is tight and you’re looking for a treadmill to simply stretch those legs and get the blood flowing, this model from XTERRA might be a solid choice.


Build Quality

Ideal for those with less than roomy homes, the TR150 is a space saver that will get you going. It’s minimal 16” x 50” running surface provides just the right amount of surface area for the movement required to get your heart pumping.

With one of the lowest profiles on the market, the XTERRA TR150 treadmill folds up simply with a Fold Pop Pin that ensures a quick storage transition. Simple storing doesn’t halt there, as this model also has transport wheels so you can efficiently place the treadmill where you wish.

The TR150 itself weighs a nominal 97 pounds, yet its 250 pound weight capacity results in it being a lightweight option that still packs some gusto. At this price, you’d be hard pressed to find any treadmill over 2 HP in motor strength, yet the TR150 treadmill comes packing a 2.25 HP punch.

For just 0.25 more horsepower, Horizon Fitness will have you paying roughly $150 more for their T101 treadmill. Such a costly discrepancy is an unnecessary price to pay if you’re not interested in picking up your pace beyond walking or light jogging.

The 0.5 mph-10 mph speed range will certainly meet the needs of your active movement, without venturing to the sprinting realm, which also lends to a higher price tag. The three levels of manual incline give you slight variation similar to neighborhood walking on sidewalks and up gradually hilly streets. The 1-ply, 1.4 mm tread belt, while half the size of the average 2-ply belt, is adequate for both the weight capacity limit, as well as the motor strength.

Despite this treadmill being the economically sound option, we were pleasantly surprised to see that it includes deck cushioning on behalf of joint protection. While lacking middle cushioning, the blue cushions elsewhere will provide recovery relief.

When it comes to build quality, while the XTERRA TR150 is quite small, it’s dependable, as proven by its heavy gauge steel frame and high user rating.



While many treadmills this low in price often result in a lack of workout programming, XTERRA refuses to subscribe to that norm. Believing what you can afford shouldn’t take from program variety, this XTERRA treadmill holds 12 preset workouts that will get you motivated.

In addition, they also include one custom workout, so you can have your favorite movement conveniently on hand at the press of a button. By comparison, the more expensive Horizon T101 treadmill only offers a measly 5 programs, while the even more costly Sole F63 only holds a slim total of 10 workouts.

The additional activity programming is certainly something to gawk at when factoring the much lower price you can attain the TR150 treadmill for. Furthering a great impression is the EKG Grip Pulse, which will accurately track your heart rate as you go, a feature often usually not found on other budget-friendly treadmills.

The 5” LCD screen clearly communicates how far your motion has propelled you, how swift you’ve gotten there, calories burned and the overall progress you’ve made since you left the starting line. The display console as a whole is set up in a way that mitigates superfluous buttons that lend to confusion. The direct speed access has each speed setting laid out clearly so it’s as simple as pushing a button to alter treadmill speed.

We appreciate the user-friendly design when it comes to the technology XTERRA provides on the TR150, including the easily within reach stop button. The console is effortless and straightforward, so you won’t have to spend time learning how your new treadmill works. Rather, you can get on and get going quickly, which of course is the advantage of a treadmill.

However, should you suffer from farsightedness or have difficulty reading small text, we’d recommend you pay a bit more for the XTERRA TR200 treadmill. While similar to the TR150, the exception of the TR200 is the benefit of a larger, blue back-lit display that allows it to be more easily seen, as well as even fewer buttons to maximize the minimalistic display in order to be even more user-friendly.

The TR200 is also the most cost-friendly XTERRA treadmill option that you can purchase directly from XTERRA themselves, rather than through Amazon.


Price Point

Where the TR150 beams luminously is how little it will take from your wallet. Rather than leave you pinching pennies, XTERRA created this model to be the most affordable treadmill they offer.

It’s hard to come by a brand new treadmill at a price point below $500, yet XTERRA was able to do it without sacrificing on functionality or sturdiness. The TR150 treadmill is uniquely offered exclusively through Amazon, which further hones in on the intent that XTERRA created this small-footprint cheaply priced option as one of ease and convenience.

By comparison, the more technologically-advanced fitness brand ProForm also touts a compact treadmill, yet it will cost you hundreds more for less features than the XTERRA TR150 treadmill holds. The higher cost of the ProForm City L6 treadmill will get you 0.85 less horsepower, 2 mph less speed capability, the same 250 pound weight capacity, and a 1.5” wider running surface that’s 5” less in length.

Furthermore, while the ProForm City L6 treadmill comes with 1-year of free iFit live streaming fitness programming, a tablet is not included and after your 1-year is up, the iFit membership will cost you as it’s a subscription-based model. Even less impressive, the City L6 treadmill doesn’t hold preset programs such as the 13 total the XTERRA TR150 treadmill contains.

All this to show that while this treadmill may appear to be have a red flag due to its low price, you can feel ease knowing it actually is the cheaper upfront buy that will get you more for your money long-term as well.


Pros and Cons

We appreciate the user-friendly design in regards to technology XTERRA provides on the TR150, including the within reach stop button and well-placed speed buttons that drive in the intent of it being a user-friendly model. The console is effortless and straightforward, so you won’t have to spend time learning how your new treadmill works. Rather, you can get on and get going quickly.

The lower profile running surface, especially the 50” length, results in the TR150 not being the best match for those with extremely long legs or who are taller, so if you have a longer stride, there are better options available for your needs, an example being the LifeSpan TR1200i. Or, if you’re willing to pay more, the Life Fitness F3 Folding treadmill will result in a gym-quality experience.

The 2.25 HP motor strength provided by the TR150 treadmill makes it a great contender for those looking to walk, power walk or lightly jog. Unfortunately, if you’re a runner who enjoys lengthy workouts, the XTERRA TR150 treadmill is not a good choice. If you’re in search of a price-friendly option that can power you through your high intensity workouts, one of the Studio Series treadmills by Horizon, such as the 7.0 AT would better suit your needs.

If you’re a technology wiz, the TR150 treadmill will leave you wanting more considering the times we’re in and the advanced technology we’re able to incorporate. While brands such as NordicTrack and ProForm top our tech list, they also come with subscription-based workout program models that can be frustrating to upkeep financially over time.

Should you still want to take hold of technology in order to gain more access to additional workout programming, LifeSpan treadmills are a great alternative that bring Bluetooth and full-color digital displays into the mix without costing you an arm and a leg. However, if you’re interested in a straightforward workout and don’t have a need for bells or whistles, the XTERRA TR150 treadmill benefits greatly from the diverse workouts it offers.

The 12 programs, with the additional one custom program, equate to a notable 13 total workouts to choose from. We appreciate how these preset programs are included with the purchase of the TR150 as they are built-in, resulting in not having to pay more later to gain access to them.


XTERRA TR150 Treadmill Specs

Weight Capacity250 pounds
Running Surface16″ x 50″
Dimensions63.4″ x 28.75″ x 51.4″
Workout DisplayYes; 5″ LCD
Motor2.25 HP
Speed0.5-10 mph
Total Programs13


Warranty and Guarantee

A benefit to the convenience of the XTERRA TR150 treadmill is the lifetime warranty offered on the frame. Treadmills such as the NordicTrack Commercial 1750, actually, all of NordicTrack’s treadmills, lack the provision of a lifetime frame warranty, opting rather for a disappointing 10 years instead. XTERRA’s lifetime frame warranty on even their cheapest treadmill speaks to how confident they are in the TR150 to last structurally.

That being said, the motor warranty is unfortunately more slim, coming in at only 1-year of coverage offered. If you plan to use the TR150 treadmill consistently, this slenderized protection can cause concern when factoring in long-term use. However, these moments of compromise are ones XTERRA had to take to keep this treadmill as cost-friendly as possible.

The remainder of the warranty is also lacking when considering longevity, as the warranty on the deck, parts, and in-home labor on the TR150 treadmill stands at 90 days. Playing devil’s advocate, neither NordicTrack or ProForm allot for deck coverage at all, once again making the XTERRA TR150 treadmill further impressive considering its price.


Summing Up This Review

XTERRA created the TR150 as a straightforward, traditional treadmill at a low cost with the intention to get you going more quickly. The TR150 is a price-savvy treadmill if you’re looking to get moving without the unnecessary horsepower required for long runs or sprinting, or the costly bells and whistles that come with higher-end technology.

While lacking in long-term warranty coverage and running surface length, this treadmill can’t be beat when it comes to being the most budget-friendly treadmill option.