Sole S77 Review 2021

          Our Rating: 4.7/5


If you don’t need a treadmill that can fold up when not in use, the Sole S77 might just be the perfect option. With the exact same specifications as the Sole F85, except for the fact that the latter can fold up, the S77 is a cheaper-priced option for those who aren’t concerned about space.

Read on, fellow exerciser, if a high quality, non-folding treadmill is what you’re in the market for. That being said, if a folding option is required for your situation, skip this review and instead check out the F85!


Build Quality

Resulting in sincere devotion to their craft, Sole Fitness intricately engineers treadmills meant for daily use with toughness that persists throughout a lifetime. Using only the finest quality parts is what makes Sole a superior choice to other fitness brands. The S77 treadmill was constructed with a bullet-proof frame that can truly handle the shots you aim its way.

The mindset behind using an obscenely durable all-steel structured frame was just how purposeful it is for longevity when used by consumers weighing up to 400 pounds, making it a brilliant option for all households as our bodies fluctuate through the changing seasons of life. In addition, the specialized strength of the frame is what provides steady incline when you’re looking for that thigh and booty burn.

The technically advanced motor offers an impressive 4.0 horsepower, which is more than enough to tango with even the fastest and most dedicated of sprinters. The high-torque motor function is balanced by flywheels which administer motion free of vibrational static. The S77 comes with a double-woven 2-ply belt that proactively prevents stretching over-time.

The extraordinarily well-made Sole S77 treadmill is a solid option for those who know a thing or two about the importance of lasting quality when purchasing something that shouldn’t need replacing.



People often say you can’t judge a book by its cover; while that’s true, it shouldn’t prevent you from experiencing the appeal a cover can provide. Holding to this is our personal favorite technology feature offered by the S77 treadmill, the 10.1” TFT LCD screen. If you’re facing one area for an extended period of time, shouldn’t it be decent to look at? Isn’t that why we decorate our cubicle and office walls – to make steady time in them a bit more enjoyable? This impressive screen is a top-of-the-line offering by Sole and is only available on the more expensive Sole F85 and TT8, making the S77 more pleasing to the eye without the added cost.

Guiding you through activity, the display screen brings awareness to your speed, pace, heart-rate, incline and calories burned as well as a message board that provides work-out feedback and instruction. Six standard, two customizable and two heart rate programs are available for you to choose from. While completing a heart-rate program, the S77 will automatically alter your incline level based on your active heartbeat, making it a smart treadmill that works with your present state in mind.

The bluetooth technology offers speakers that pair with your smart device in order to amplify whatever your listening desires are. In addition, bluetooth also allows you to transfer workout data to your fitness app of choice. Furthermore, no longer will you have to verify the charge of your smart device prior to getting your sweat on as the convenient USB port affords the ability to boost its energy while your activity increases yours.

The newly designed tablet holder encourages you to go hands-free with your tablets, kindles and electronic devices to bring entertainment seamlessly into your line of sight.

The various technology offered by the S77 treadmill to make your workout more enjoyable cannot be taken for granted when thinking about passing time while you exercise.


Price Point

What causes the Sole S77 to be a wise economical option is how it offers all the advanced options of the F85 model, such as the savvy 10.1” LCD display screen, wide 22-inch running surface, and dynamic 4.0 HP motor, but at a lower cost. The only difference between the S77 and the F85 is the ability to fold-up the treadmill when not in use, a feature that comes with increased pricing, meaning spending more of those hard-earned dollars.

Not only does the S77 match in ability to the F85, but it also comes close to the most expensive Sole model, the TT8, as it shares the same display screen, 12-MPH speed ability, weight capacity, work-out programs, 4.0 HP motor power and running surface width. The discrepancy in these two models is the costly feature of decline ability. While the S77 treadmill offers the same 15-levels of hard hitting incline as the elite TT8, the most expensive Sole price tag comes with 6-levels of decline to better mimic outdoor activity.

The Sole S77 packs a punch with its unbelievable offerings at a much lower price, so if you’re okay with a non-folding and non-declining treadmill, this is certainly the option that provides you with the greatest value for the quality you’re receiving.


Pros and Cons

Right out of the gate, let’s address what makes the Sole S77 cheaper compared to the higher price tags of top end models. As we’ve stated in prior sections of this review, the S77 does not fold like the S85 does, making this a stationary treadmill you cannot save space with when not in use. In addition, the S77 does not have the declining ability as the next-level TT8 which was designed specifically for athletes who want to take the feeling of their outdoor cardio indoors, making their activity more realistic as if they were running on exterior terrain that has more variety.

However, as noted in the pricing section above, the S77 treadmill is the best value for highest-quality offered without the added cost, if you don’t need the folding capabilities, that is. The 4.0 horsepower motor of the S77 is unmatched. The 10.1” TFT display screen comes with helpful workout programs, a peak and valley graph, and a message board work-out guidance which meets the technology expectations of even the most advanced forward-thinking beings.

The chest strap or grips allow you to decide how you would like to track your heart rate – both of which contribute a 99.9% reading accuracy. With a broad speed range of 0.5 MPH – 12 MPH, the S77 will meet your energy where it’s at daily. With fifteen levels of incline, you will certainly be feeling the burn. The Cushion Flex Whisper Deck carries you forward and keeps you going by reducing joint impact by 40%.

These are just some of the abilities the Sole S77 Treadmill has which inspire you to walk, jog or run for longer.


Sole S77 Treadmill Specs

Weight Capacity400 pounds
Running Surface22″ x 60″
Dimensions82″ x 36″ x 58″
Workout DisplayYes; 10.1″ TFT LCD
Motor4.0 HP, DC Type
Speed0.5-12 mph
Total Programs10


Warranty and Guarantee

Sole honors their commitment to produce quality fitness equipment that is able to stand the test of time through the warranties and guarantee they provide for peace of mind.

Despite using industrial-strength and high-quality parts to create their outstanding treadmills, it goes without saying that anything mechanical can take hits due to years of usage. This truth is why Sole provides a lifetime warranty on the medical-grade motor, cushion flex whisper deck and bullet-proof frame of the S77 treadmill.

While the deck and frame are impressive enough to be covered forever, the motor is the hard-hitting lifetime offering that will remove all doubts when thinking long-term. Electronics are protected with a 5-year warranty. However, what’s interesting to note in regards to the Sole S77 model that differs it from the F85 is that the F85 also has parts covered for 5-years. Yet, the most expensive TT8 only has electronics covered for 5-years and not parts. This could be an oversight from Sole in warranty declaration but it’s worthy of being aware of when purchasing the S77.

Should any repairs be needed on your treadmill, labor comes free of charge with the 2-year warranty. A 30-day money back guarantee where Sole even will pay return shipping, allows you to try out the S77 for a month, making the S77 treadmill a solid consideration without a full commitment necessary right off the bat.


Summing Up This Review

If you are looking for steady power, smooth strides and a high-quality yet reasonably priced long-term option, the Sole S77 is indelible. A non-folding treadmill that comes with all the technological advancements and motor function as its more expensive competition makes the S77 a great choice for the economically savvy who aren’t worried about space.

With Sole’s established reputation to engineer dependable products, the Sole S77 treadmill will truly last you through your growing and changing fitness goals. When looking for a treadmill, there’s not much more you can ask for than that.