Sole F85 Review 2021

          Our Rating: 4.7/5


Second from the top of Sole’s treadmill lineup in terms of price, the F85 is a workhorse that can handle even the most grueling of training sessions, day in and day out.

Reviewed below, we delve into what’s led to such a high rating for this model and why, depending on your situation, it might be worth splurging for one of Sole’s high-end treadmills.

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Build Quality

Power and progress go hand in hand. In order to experience power, there must first be progress. By combining these ideas, Sole has created the dynamic Sole F85 treadmill to keep you moving forward.

The high-functioning 4.0 HP motor is industrial-strength and a robust step up from Sole’s F63, containing a 3.0 HP motor, and the F80, a 3.5 HP motor. Hit the treadmill deck running as fast and forceful as you can without ever second guessing the F85’s ability to keep up.

The outstanding 4 HP motor’s strength can be measured by a walker requiring horsepower of at least 2.5, a jogger 3.0 and a runner a 3.5. Ensuring your horsepower is up to par for your intended use will increase your motor’s lifespan, avoiding unnecessary wear and tear should you underestimate the importance of HP strength.

Built to withstand even ammunition, the frame on this bad boy is completely bullet-proof, encouraging it to fight the battle of consistent usage throughout time. Furthermore, the frame is intricately welded using precise technology to enhance a smoother stride for users of varying shapes and sizes, making it an ideal fit for a household of assorted individuals weighing up to 400 pounds.

The usage of copper wires and a sealed bearing construction encourages the broad rollers to fight static, providing the smoothest of strides. The long-lasting strength the Sole F85 provides will match the dedication of the hungriest of competitive athletes who plan to increase their personal power through daily progress.



The F85 is the name enhancing Sole’s technology game. Making black and white screens a thing of the past, the 10.1” bright screen utilizes thin-film-transistor (TFT) technology for a liquid crystal display that won’t be dwarfed in appearance by the innovative smart devices you’re used to. Sole offers only two screens for their differing models, a dated white back-lit screen or the vibrant 10.1” LCD, confirming that you’re getting the best Sole display available with the F85.

So that you’re always in the know, the screen has the ability to show your pace, heart rate, incline, speed, time, distance traveled and calories burned. In addition, this display offers a ¼ mile track which reveals valley and peak graphs depending on which routine you select from the preexisting six programs, two targeted heart rate workouts or two customizable programs.

Turn up the music by pairing your smart device of choice with the built-in bluetooth speakers, which work heartily to add even more energetic oomph that pushes you to keep going. Not even a dying phone or tablet can mess with your groove as the USB port keeps your smart device’s energy up, just like yours, while you work out.

If you prefer visual stimulation while you move, the beneficial holder designed for tablets, kindles or phones will keep you excited as you multitask like a boss, exhilarating both your mind and legs at the same time. Bluetooth technology enables you to transfer your logged work-out data to the leading fitness app of your choice so you can keep up with the work you are putting in towards your health goals.

With its contemporary options, the Sole F85 treadmill provides all the tech you need to move your wellness forward.


Price Point

Where you spend your money reflects what you place value on. If longevity is your focus, the best investment you can make today is in your health in order to extend your tomorrow. Second from the top of the Sole treadmill lineup, the F85 rings in with phenomenal quality at an exceptional price for holding an industrial strength 4.0 HP motor, which matches the strength of even their most expensive model, the TT8.

Also duplicating the elite TT8 model at a lower cost, the 10.1” LCD display screen assures your F85 purchase is tech-savvy. Highest rated by individual users and their most purchased treadmill, the Sole F85 is a widely tried preference and the choice made by a majority of other fitness-minded peers as the top treadmill option available to them at a not completely out of reach price point.


Pros and Cons

In life, we have to take the bad with the good or it wouldn’t be reality. Bad news is always best first so let’s kick this off with a con you should consider: while offering hard-hitting incline, the F85 treadmill does not offer decline. Only available on their TT8 model, having a decline option is ideal for those most interested in recreating outdoor workouts in order to activate different muscles.

Another difference is this treadmill is not intended for use over 5 hours a day, so if you have a household full of fitness buffs, you might opt to upgrade to the light-commercial grade of the TT8 in order to meet your needs. These two cons are where the differences end between the F85 and pricier TT8.

With a smaller price, the F85 has the same powerful 4.0 HP motor, which provides speeds up to 12 mph, and a substantially sized display screen, as well as the ability to fold your deck upright to boost surrounding square footage when not in use. It should be noted that the F85 is the highest-quality space-saving folding treadmill Sole offers.

Looking to save a bit of money? You can opt for the S77 model instead, which has all of the same offerings of the F85 but does not offer folding ability like the F85 does.

If you’re working towards your health, protecting your gains is key. The Cushion Flex Whisper deck reduces bodily strain and minimizes rest days as it cuts joint impact by 40%. What sets the F85 apart is its 22-inch running surface, making it the favorite choice for those interested in room to roam. The notable pros for the Sole F85 treadmill make it plain to see just why this one is special enough to be Sole’s top-seller, year after year.


Sole F85 Treadmill Specs

Weight Capacity400 pounds
Running Surface22″ x 60″
Dimensions83″ x 37″ x 66″
Workout DisplayYes; 10.1″ TFT LCD
Motor4.0 HP, DC Type
Speed0.5-12 mph
FoldingYes; Easy Assist Folding
Total Programs10


Warranty and Guarantee

Consumer trust is an essential part of building a successful business. Sole Fitness has been creating treadmills favored by top hotel chains for decades. Initially engineered to withstand consistent throughout the day usage and accommodating user diversity, the Sole brand prides itself on industrial-strength reliability which durably stands the test of time.

Now the fastest growing residential fitness brand in both Canada and the US in the last five years, they are excited to provide the same commercial-grade quality treadmills for households to also enjoy long-term. Standing by the longevity of their product is the lifetime warranty offered on the frame, motor and deck.

Providing an insurance policy on the most expensive aspects of a treadmill results in the Sole F85 treadmill being an economical choice overall when considering you will not have to pay for unforeseen upkeep or replacements of these items. A 5-year warranty is granted to electronics and parts. In addition, Sole supplies labor coverage for 2-years after purchase should any unanticipated tune-ups be required.

Furthering their belief that you will love the Sole F85 treadmill is the 30-day money back guarantee that allows you to give it a test run. This considerable amount of time offered for trial gives you the opportunity to experience the contribution the F85 can bring to your health. The original blueprint created for trusted treadmills to withstand commercial usage as well as the competitive guarantees offered grants assurance that your decision of a Sole product is an intelligently supported one.


Summing Up This Review

The Sole F85 is one of the leading treadmills on the market due to its unbeatable 4.0 HP motor that opens up access to personal speed without sacrificing product wear and tear through the years.

The elite Sole Fitness option for a folding treadmill, the F85 gives you all the trusted strength, advanced technology and toughness you’d want in a treadmill without requiring extra square footage in your home. At a competitive price point with reputable durability, the Sole F85 treadmill is the resourceful solution to meet your long-term health aspirations.