Sole F80 Review 2021

          Our Rating: 4.5/5


The F80 is one of Sole’s most popular treadmills as it can handle pretty much anything thrown at it but won’t completely break the bank. In this review, we breakdown each of the components that make the F80 the standout treadmill it’s been recognized as.

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Build Quality

The best way to enhance your build is by selecting a treadmill that is built just as tough as you are. Constructed with only the highest quality components, the Sole F80 Treadmill provides long-term durability your muscles can depend on to support and strengthen them.

The bullet-proof frame of this treadmill provides safety that lasts a lifetime. Proving its intention to do so is the lifetime warranty guarantee Sole offers on this epoxy-coated frame which is then baked to further enhance imperishability.

The F80 is constructed through a meticulous welding process, providing stable alignment able to care for a vast array of body types up to 375 pounds, making this treadmill the perfect addition to your diverse household. Using an industrial-strength motor and chassis makes Sole products stand taller and longer than other brands competing for your attention.

The F80 treadmill holds a powerful 3.5 HP motor, providing a wide range of speeds from the peaceful stroll of 0.5 mph all the way up to the 12 mph saved for only the most ambitious speed demons.

A perfect space-saver, the F80’s deck folds up using a trustworthy locking mechanism you can count on, gifting you a sense of security when not in use and room to dance about freely, because we all know your inner Usher is ready for their close-up.



Time flies when you’re having fun and there’s no greater way to have it than with a plethora of tech options. Whether it’s being pumped up through music, communicating on your phone without worry of a dying battery, surfing the web or watching your favorite shows, the Sole F80 treadmill provides technology assistance to meet your daily moods.

For starters, you can rock out with the bluetooth speakers which easily pair to your smart device! Furthermore, dying devices will be a thing of the past with the convenient built-in USB port that kicks away the stress of charging your phone or tablet while you exercise. The integrated tablet holder is a huge amenity for those looking for a hands-free work out while you view the latest movie release via your smart tablet, or read that thriller you’ve been dying to finish on your kindle.

Track your progress easily despite your motion through the clear-cut display screen which keeps you abreast of your calories burned, heart rate, pace and speed. The impressive blue-tooth technology allows you to seamlessly pair your workout results with the Sole app included with purchase, as well as other leading athletic apps such as Apple Health, Record, Map My Run and Fitbit, ensuring your hard work will never go unnoticed.


Price Point

A giant consideration when making any investment in your health is how to keep the friendship with your budget copacetic. Making this fitness purchase a little easier for your wallet is how Sole’s trustworthy treadmills, with their appealing warranties, are sincerely well-made to last, truly making this treadmill a longterm, one-time investment.

While not the bottom of the barrel, the Sole F80 sits pretty on the second step up in the Sole pricing line-up, right above the F63 and below the F85. Overall, the F80 is a small price to pay when considering it’s been rated the best choice for treadmill by over fifteen varying fitness magazines and websites.

A popular choice by hotels proves the Sole F80’s hard-pressed ability requires little-maintenance and lasts through an assortment of body types and fitness goals, ultimately making it the perfect cost-friendly option to meet the needs of our changing bodies as we age and experience new seasons of life.


Pros and Cons

Like most things in life, balance is necessary. The Sole F80 treadmill is no exception as it comes with a ton of pros and a couple cons as well.

Our favorite and the most distinctive feature of the F80 is the specialized Cushion Flex Whisper Deck. Running and walking can result in stressed ligaments and joints and with the F80 model, Sole’s focus was on providing a solution for this problem. The Cushion Flex Whisper Deck dwindles typical joint impact by an incredible 40%, keeping you moving swiftly and able to progress your fitness throughout the years.

Additionally, the High-Torque Motors with Flywheels, which work to cool the engine down, promote motor longevity and provide a seamless and consistent stride. Boosting the feeling of fluidity are the patented rollers that are larger than the competition, promoting smooth movement forward that is quiet but still powerful.

With a running surface of 22” x 60”, the extra-wide track grants you room to roam, which definitely comes in handy at higher speeds.

The display, while incredibly valuable, is not as aesthetically pleasing considering it is in black and white, making it look a bit dated. Adding to this, a 9″ display pales in comparison to the display sizes of some other treadmill brands. While more expensive treadmills offer vibrant, varying colors to catch your eye, in the grand scheme of things is the added distraction worth dwindling your bank amount? We’ll let you be the judge.

Pros and cons are in the eye of the buyer, and ultimately, it’s you who determines what is valued most from an overall treadmill experience.


Sole F80 Treadmill Specs

Weight Capacity375 pounds
Running Surface22″ x 60″
Dimensions82″ x 37″ x 66″
Workout DisplayYes; 9″ LCD
Motor3.5 HP, DC Type
Speed0.5-12 mph
FoldingYes; Easy Assist Folding
Total Programs10


Warranty and Guarantee

If peace of mind is what you’re looking for, you’ve arrived safely at just the right section. Now, step off the product searching treadmill for a moment so you can properly gander at the warranties provided with the Sole F80.

Starting off with the most bang, the lifetime warranty offered not only on the frame, but also the motor and deck will make even the harshest of critics praise Sole for the way they stand behind their products. Dwindled some but still strong is the warranty for parts and electronics at a solid five-years. Moving further along brings us to the two-year labor warranty should you come across any unforeseen tune-ups in the future ahead.

Compared to other treadmill brands, we can assure you this warranty offering is solid and will provide the coverage you need within more than reasonable time-frames. Lifetime coverage across all facets of the F80 is the only circumstance that could make this deal quite a bit sweeter, but as the saying goes, you can’t win ’em all.


Summing Up This Review

Ladies and gentleman, you have officially sorted through the chapters of the excitingly nail biting F80 novel. Should you want the cliff notes version of why the Sole F80 treadmill provides an exceptional run experience, let us jog your memory.

Top of its class with unconquerable durability, the Sole F80 is the a great option for high-end quality at a lower price tag. Typically used in only outrageously expensive treadmills, the high-torque motor gifts you the experience of smooth sailing as you get your heart rate up. The woven two-ply belt that this model is equipped with provides double the strength over the average treadmill, preventing stretching through endless years of consistent use.

Should accessibility be at the top of your mind, the ideally placed controls make shifting your speed and/or incline easy as Sunday morning. Speaking of easy, the Easy-Assist Folding Deck keeps the F80 from being a stationary ornament in the room you have to work around, instead allowing it to be stored safely and drastically reducing its footprint when not in use.

Sole is a well known, reputable brand due to its high-quality products that have proven to stand the test of time, which is why the F80 is a popular choice for those planning on high usage. With six preset programs, two heart rate programs and two customizable workout programs, the F80 will keep your fitness level on its toes.

If trusted longevity and frequent use at a reasonable price is a focal point for you, let us be clear by saying the Sole F80 Treadmill is a set-apart contender to consider.