Sole F63 Review 2021

          Our Rating: 4.3/5


Sole’s cheapest offering, the F63 uses many of the same components its substantially more expensive treadmills are built with. However, a weaker motor and narrower running surface make this model best-suited for walkers and light joggers who aren’t looking to work their way up to being consistent joggers or runners.

Those who need a treadmill that can handle more than walking might want check out our F80 post. That being said, if the F63 sounds like the ideal treadmill for your requirements, by all means, continue reading our review!


Build Quality

While on a budget, it can be difficult not to sacrifice high-quality for a reasonable price. Luckily, with the Sole F63 Treadmill, you get both! The F63 feels like two-for-one special when considering the fierce sturdiness that comes at a competitive price.

When looking for a fluid stride undisturbed by vibrational and noisy treadmill mechanics, how the frame is made matters. The F63 offers an all-steel frame precisely designed by engineers and impeccably welded to ensure you’ll get a lifetime of smooth sailing workouts.

The 3.0 HP high-torque motor is paired with flywheels created innovatively with zinc-coated steel, resulting in a ride free of reverberation. In addition, these flywheels work to steady the treadmill while incline is activated. Furthermore, the flywheels safeguard the industrial-strength motor by lessening heat while in use and promoting less amp draw, ultimately leaving you with a preserved motor that won’t be affected over time consistent usage.

Another important factor to consider is belt stretching over time which, which can negatively affect long-term usability. To ensure loosening is not a factor, Sole uses 2-ply double woven belts made of PVC and a nylon backing to avert tremors while you glide.

Advancing its longevity are the larger than usual rollers, which use copper ground wires and a sealed bearing construct to promote a more quiet and steady motion.

Despite it having a lower price point, Sole does not sacrifice on quality with the high-end parts the F63 utilizes.



If you need a little something to get you excited about working out, the technological features the Sole F63 treadmill provides are just what you need to get going!

Starting strong with its bluetooth ability, this model has audio speakers you can connect to with any smart device. These speakers can play music, improve podcast listening or boost video sound should you opt to watch the shows or movies you don’t have the time for otherwise. Making these speakers all the more available for use is the convenient tablet holder, which is stationed perfectly above your display in direct eyesight.

Bluetooth capability also makes transferring workout summaries to any apps on your tablet or phone a walk in the park with a slight breeze on a weekend afternoon! However, since you’d prefer to get your fitness groove on indoors, the USB charging port will increase the life in your smart devices without ever having to make sure they are charged enough to go as long as you can.

The 6.5” LCD screen is white back-lit for true clarity and provides an update on heart rate via pulse grips or the included chest strap, as well as distance, pace, speed, incline, workout time and calories burned. To get you further into gear are the six preset exercise programs offered, which include fat-burning and cardio choices and the ¼ mile peak and valley graph that provides a visual to go with your selected program.

The Sole F63 Treadmill is equipped to provide a fun and enjoyable workout with these useful features.


Price Point

The greatest appeal of this model is its price tag. The most economical option offered by the trusted Sole brand, the F63 is the forward-thinking choice of those mindful of their savings but still eager to invest in their health.

With a lower price does not come the sacrifice on durability. Despite varying costs, Sole uses only industrial-strength parts that are tough enough to match up to commercial usage, such as hotels which often look to Sole to furnish their gyms. While not the fanciest in appearance, this treadmill will honestly make good on your investment as a one-time purchase.

Despite being significantly cheaper, the Sole F63 still offers the same 0.5 mph – 12 mph speed range and 15 levels of incline that even match Sole’s top of the line TT8 model, making it a top consideration for non-hardcore fitness buffs who are budget conscious.


Pros and Cons

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty of the Sole F63 Treadmill; if stark honesty is what you’re looking for, you’ve arrived at the section where this option will be put to the test. Kicking off our honesty hour, there are reasons why the Sole F63 is cheaper than other models.

The most glaring reason is the smaller horsepower its motor provides. To reference, the F80 model that is quite a bit more expensive comes with a 3.5 HP motor while the F63’s motor is 3.0 HP.

These treadmills share the same black and white 6.5” display, which starkly put can look dated compared to the higher end models’ 11.1” TFT screen, starting at the F85, which boasts a 4.0 HP motor. For horsepower reference, it’s recommended you get at least a 3.5 HP motor if you plan on running, whereas with walking you can opt for a 2.5 HP motor.

The F63 has a smaller weight capacity of 325 pounds while the next step up F80 supports 375 pounds. In addition, the F63 has a smaller running surface of 20” than the others’ 22”. Keep in mind, while the 2-inch different doesn’t sound like much, it definitely comes in handy when you’re running at higher speeds.

While there are large distinctions to note, the F63 treadmill also has a lot of similarities with its more costly Sole siblings. For starters, the same quality materials that the more expensive Sole treadmills contain are used to create the F63, Adding to this, all of the treadmills in Sole’s lineup have a 0.5 mph – 12 mph speed range and 15 levels of available incline.

Furthermore, all models have the whisper quiet cushioned deck, which shields your joints from impact by 40%. Also, the Sole F63 is incredibly space-saving, as its deck folds up to store easily, something the pricier S77 model doesn’t even offer.

Overall, if you opt for a more expensive option, the greatest difference would be the motor power, so its best to consider if you plan on walking, jogging or running, which should help in narrowing down options.


Sole F63 Treadmill Specs

Weight Capacity325 pounds
Running Surface20″ x 60″
Dimensions82″ x 35″ x 66″
Workout DisplayYes; 6.5″ LCD
Motor3.0 HP, DC Type
Speed0.5-12 mph
FoldingYes; Easy Assist Folding
Total Programs10


Warranty and Guarantee

When considering a big ticket item for your home, warranties offered matter when it comes to experiencing harmony in your mind with the long-term investment you’ve made. Thankfully, Sole provides one of the greatest warranties on the market.

To begin, Sole owners have lifetime assurance on the F63 treadmill’s motor and frame – which are covered literally for a lifetime. The whisper quiet cushioned deck, beneficial electronics and high-end parts will be protected for 3-years.

Should anything need to be repaired, a labor warranty of 1-year will take care of anything in this respect. All of this being said, it’s important to note that with higher price tags come greater coverage. F63’s greatest Sole competition is the next step up F80, which in comparison touts a lifetime warranty on the motor, frame and deck.

Further comparison reveals electronics and parts protection on the F80 for 5-years rather than the F63’s 3-years. Adding to this, increasing your budget to the F80 would get you double the labor coverage to 2-years instead of F63’s 1-year. Despite not matching up to the F80 in the warranty area, the Sole F63 still offers competitive warranties in comparison to other brands.

Making the deal even sweeter is the 30-day money back guarantee where Sole gives you a month to try out the F63 treadmill to ensure it meets your expectations.


Summing Up This Review

Having a Sole treadmill means worrying less about dependability, allowing you to focus freely on the true purpose of this purchase: enhancing your well-being. The F63’s motor power is best suited for those who want to walk or lightly jog rather than run.

Overall, the Sole F63 treadmill is a wise option for those looking for both a reasonable price and trusted quality.