ProForm Carbon T10 Review 2021

         Our Rating: 4.5/5


With its unique purchasing model, which we’ll get to below, the Carbon T10 from ProForm makes a technologically-advanced treadmill experience within reach for those with the tightest of budgets.

In this review, we explain what makes this model stand apart in the industry and why it’s a solid choice if you’re looking for a treadmill that combines adequate build quality and stellar technology.


Build Quality

In order to close the gap on the provision of innovative technology at a reasonable price, ProForm created the Carbon Series. Average in build features but savage in technology, the ProForm Carbon T10 treadmill is a great fit for those looking to enter into the fitness realm with excitable guidance and ease.

With ProForm’s QuickSpeed buttons, you can shift your speed and incline at a fast rate, making them a thoughtful feature should you like to switch things up to keep your muscles standing at attention. A speed range of 0-10 mph will have you sweating while the 0-12% incline grade will prepare your body for that hike coming up on your next family vacation.

As your body works its way through exercising, the ISO Flex Cushioning utilizes ProForm’s patented shock system to boost recovery by offering joint and muscle protection. The 20 x 55” tread belt provides an industry average stride that will prevent your elbows from feeling confined.

Considering ProForm’s focus with the Carbon T10 treadmill was on technology, we weren’t expecting much from a build standpoint, but were pleasantly surprised to learn it holds larger rollers than we anticipated. While other technologically advanced treadmills, such as the NordicTrack T 8.5 S, come at a higher price due to having the upper hand in motor strength, the Carbon T10 has the same sized 1.9” rollers at a lower price.

Select ProForm treadmills only have 1.6” rollers, so seeing that the Carbon T10 has 1.9″ rollers is pretty exciting as this speaks to its ability to reduce motor and belt stress through the years, which better safeguards how long the Carbon T10 will last.

Having a folding treadmill deck is a solid feature when friends come for the weekend and your gym needs to double as a guest room. Furthermore, you can welcome others to your home for the holidays without worry as this model has a SpaceSaver Design with EasyLift Assist, which makes storing the deck upright a simple task.

With a weight capacity of 300 pounds, this model is suited for the altering seasons of body fluctuation we all experience. The ProForm Carbon T10 treadmill shows up as a forward-thinking tech friendly option for those hoping to walk or jog.



The gluten-free bread and grass-fed butter of the Carbon T10 is its outstanding technology and vast advancements that make it more than ready for the twenty-first century.

The shining star of ProForm is the high definition touchscreens their treadmills come equipped with; you can stand proudly knowing the Carbon T10 has the same sized HD display as ProForm’s most expensive treadmill, the SMART Pro 9000. Presenting ten vast inches of high-quality live-action entertainment, this smart touchscreen will have you swiping and selecting things at the lightest touch of your fingertip.

Engaging your family in exercise is no easy task, but the iFit technology within the Carbon T10 treadmill will have your loved ones all waiting for a turn. iFit provides access to unlimited streaming fitness classes taught by elite certified trainers who will motivate and guide you as you take each step forward. Each class moves you closer to your health goals as they are each vastly different and able to keep up with the beginner to the expert.

Whether it’s walking, running, high intensity interval training or hiking, iFit has a class for it. Not stopping there, iFit is also filled with workouts meant to target muscle groups beyond what your treadmill is capable of, including yoga, cross training and more. Fitting for those who can’t stand the feeling of being cooped up, the iFit programming calls upon Google Maps technology to provide settings that are out of this world, or at least, out of your home.

You can select classes that will take you trekking the Swiss Alps, soaking up the beaches in Fiji, enjoying a morning walk through Ireland’s countryside or navigating the romantic settings in Paris. Should you want to be strictly workout business and no travel, you can also opt for a studio setting.

An iFit membership is inclusive of four members who can set up personalized profiles to help guide them through their wellness journey, as these profiles enable nutrition and sleep as well as target workout goals to be recommended via trainers. Basically, iFit is a technologically-advanced software that brings personal training to you, on your time, without the hassle of signing up for classes or paying per class fees.

While this is a membership that will eventually cost to upkeep should you elect to do so, the Carbon T10 is the only ProForm treadmill that provides 3-years of iFit membership with purchase. This is a significant perk considering other ProForm treadmills only come with 1-year of included membership.

Pairing a 10” touchscreen with streaming classes make more expensive treadmills, such as the Life Fitness T3, look downright archaic when compared to the T10. Turn up the music through the built-in dual 2” speakers, which can be connected to simply through the audio auxiliary port.

A high definition touchscreen, iFit capability and a quality sound system all affirm that the Carbon T10 treadmill accurately reflects the technological progress our society has made.


Price Point

What makes the Carbon T10 different than any other ProForm treadmill is the financial structure that comes along with it. By stating that you will be paying for the 3-year iFit membership, rather than the treadmill itself, you have the option to pay upfront or being billed monthly for the membership, making it the only treadmill you can purchase through ProForm with the option of paying it down monthly rather than giving all your cash away at once.

If paying upfront is out of the financial question for you, but a treadmill with innovative technology is a must on your list, the Carbon T10 treadmill is a wise pick in order to get a model that works financially while actually getting the technology you dream about.

When it comes to ProForm sibling comparison, the SMART Performance 600i treadmill is the same as the Carbon T10 in having a 10” HD touchscreen, 300 pound weight capacity, SpaceSaver Design with EasyLift Assist, 0-10 mph QuickSpeed range, audio auxiliary port with 2” speakers, and CoolAire Fan.

However, what makes the SMART Performance 600i a cheaper purchase is that it only includes 1-year of iFit membership, 2% less incline, 0.25 less CHP motor power, as well as 2” less running width and 0.3” smaller treadmill rollers. That being said, what the SMART Performance 600i treadmill has that the more expensive T10 doesn’t is the one additional year of parts warranty, an EKG grip pulse heart rate sensor and a tablet holder.

The greatest asset the ProForm Carbon T10 treadmill holds over its competition is the additional iFit membership time as well as more motor strength and incline, making it a better option for those looking to workout harder. If you’re looking for an entry-level treadmill with the highest tech available for a reasonable price, the ProForm Carbon T10 is a savvy option.


Pros and Cons

In order to accommodate a lower price, the ProForm Carbon T10 treadmill isn’t as robust in the motor power that’s required for sprinting or long runs. Rather, this treadmill is a bridge for those who want to be active and enjoy streaming classes, as well as have a fun touchscreen, without paying the high ticket price that comes with stronger power.

Another sacrifice ProForm has made with the Carbon T10 is to not include a heart rate sensor, meaning you won’t be able adjust your workout according to your target heart rate. Additionally, this treadmill model has no tablet holder, which is a convenient feature for those looking to place their smart devices somewhere. This lack of inclusion is actually something we appreciate, as the encouragement to leave your smart device elsewhere allows you to really focus on your workout and be present without distraction.

Plus, with the HD touchscreen and iFit capability, it makes needing a tablet to stream classes a nonissue because that ability is built into the Carbon T10 itself. iFit technology has a growing library of workout classes, making it an active platform to tap into that is constantly being added to, ensuring you’ll never experience fitness boredom.

ProForm does not provide lifetime warranty coverage or motor coverage and the Carbon T10 treadmill has 1-year less parts warranty coverage in comparison to other ProForm treadmills that otherwise have 2-years of parts protection.

Perfect for activity buffs who don’t want to run into oblivion, this particular treadmill holds a high-quality and trusted 2.75 CHP2 MachZ motor, which operates with self-cooling that keeps your motor running smoothly and quietly, two qualities that are valuable to have in a home treadmill. Adding to this, the CoolAire fan will provide the breeze needed to keep that salty sweat at bay.

The Carbon T10 treadmill is a glass slipper fit for those wanting to tap into the fitness world with professional guidance available through the up to date iFit programming, but can’t spend an arm and a leg to do so.


ProForm Carbon T10 Treadmill Specs

Weight Capacity300 pounds
Running Surface20″ x 55″
Dimensions74.62″ x 35.24″ x 64.39″
Workout DisplayYes; 10” Smart HD Touchscreen
Motor2.75 CHP
Speed0-12 mph
Total ProgramsiFit Membership (3 years included)


Warranty and Guarantee

If there was an addition we could tack onto the Carbon T10 treadmill, it would be more widespread warranty coverage as there is no motor warranty provided on any of ProForm’s treadmills. While it’s not unknown to the treadmill industry to not offer motor warranty protection—NordicTrack also doesn’t provide it—other companies, such as Horizon, Sole, Life Fitness and LifeSpan acknowledge the motor with some type of coverage, some even granting lifetime coverage.

Regarding the ProForm Carbon T10 treadmill, its 10-year frame coverage is quite solid. Unfortunately, it only has a 1-year of parts warranty, whereas other ProForm treadmills, such as the 800i, have two.

A 1-year labor warranty on the Carbon T10 is a much more common warranty provision regardless of the treadmill brand you opt for. What we appreciate about ProForm is their active customer service, free shipping and 30-day money back guarantee that allows you to test out the Carbon T10 to verify if it’s the right choice for your household.


Summing Up This Review

ProForm knows what they’re doing in regards to appealing to a wide audience by hitting the mark with the pairing of build and technology at a reasonable price. Perfect for those activity buffs who don’t want to run into oblivion, the Carbon T10 treadmill holds a high-quality and trusted 2.75 CHP2 MachZ motor, which will best accommodate consistent brisk walks, brief high intensity moments, and fun jogs. This model is ideal for that tech-minded individual looking to get going with dazzling technology to partner alongside them on their journey towards better health.