NordicTrack Commercial 2450 Review 2021

          Our Rating: 4.7/5


The middle of the road in terms of pricing and specifications of NordicTrack’s Commercial line of treadmills, the Commercial 2450 is an incredibly well-rounded treadmill.

From its heavy duty 4.0 CHP motor, to its commercial-sized 2.5″ rollers, this treadmill packs a punch and can withstand one as well—and no, we’re not literally suggesting that you punch your treadmill!

If commercial durability and long-lasting power are two things you’re looking for in a treadmill, look no further than this review on NordicTrack’s Commercial 2450.


Build Quality

If you enjoy the convenience of a treadmill workout from your personal space but are looking to challenge yourself a bit more, a commercial treadmill is a great way to go. Each treadmill in the NordicTrack Commercial line holds an exciting feature the traditional T Series lacks: the ability to decline. Having declining capability takes your workouts to new heights, or depths, rather, as it better simulates an outdoor workout, make it appealing to those who want to activate new and different muscle groups than they’re used to with a traditional treadmill.

This diversification of your workouts will ensure you are making the most of the time you set aside to exercise. To meet your consistent daily activity needs, commercial treadmills were invented to boost machine longevity by safeguarding the motor with its build. How NordicTrack provides greater protection for the treadmills in their Commercial line is by increasing the Precision and Balanced Non-Flex Rollers to 2.5”, compared to their standard roller size of 1.9” on models not considered commercial. A larger roller size works to ease motor tension when consistently used as it reduces strain on the motor. Considering NordicTrack does not offer warranty on their motors, we certainly recommend opting for a treadmill in their Commercial or Incline series, as each model in these series provide the larger 2.5” roller size.

As the middle-of-the-road option of the NordicTrack Commercial line, the Commercial 2450 treadmill provides ramped up power and a larger touchscreen than the cheaper Commercial 1750. The 4.0 CHP DurX Commercial Plus Motor the Commercial 2450 has is a better fit for consistent runners than the 3.75 CHP power held by the Commercial 1750. What makes the more powerful motor on the Commercial 2450 treadmill so well-built is its Smart Response Drive System, which prevents motor strain by having a self-regulatory function that automatically cools the motor when the treadmill is in use. Furthering the reduction of operating stress, this smart response drive system also minimizes vibration, which makes for a better user experience.

The 22” x 60” Commercial Tread Belt was constructed so as to prevent stretching throughout time and holds an ideal running surface for those with wider strides. The SpaceSaver Design with EasyLift Assist allows you to fold up the deck in order to save space. If you live in tight quarters, the Commercial series treadmills are the only ones NordicTrack creates that both fold and have declining ability, unlike their Incline series.

The 0-12 mph speed range, and up to 15% incline and -3% decline will ensure your workout is well-rounded, even on the days you opt to go hard. Furthermore, don’t let joint pain keep you from expelling your energy, as the Commercial 2450 has built-in joint protection by way of its Runners Flex Cushioning. The NordicTrack Commercial 2450 treadmill is a fitting selection for those looking to get more from their workout than a traditional treadmill provides, while also still holding on to the space-saving folding capability.



Not only does the Commercial 2450 treadmill come with more motor strength than the Commercial 1750, it also comes with a more impressive touchscreen. Increasing in size by 4 inches, the 14” HD touchscreen is beautifully eye-catching and is even more user friendly than that of the 10” screen the Commercial 1750 comes equipped with. We appreciate how this touchscreen is not pressure sensitive, so you don’t have to waste energy forcibly touching buttons on your screen.

The vibrant 14” HD touchscreen is the perfect vehicle to get the full experience out of the whopping 50 on-board workout programs the Commercial 2450 treadmill has preloaded. The wide selection puts competing brands such as Horizon and Sole to shame, as they offer less than 10 programs on their treadmills, even the most expensive models! If that’s still not enough, NordicTrack has you covered with its iFit membership programming, which offers over 16,000 personal training classes from the convenience of your own home.

With purchase, you receive a free iFit membership, which accommodates up to four people; however, after the year has concluded, there will be a yearly membership fee to pay should you opt to keep it. If you’re looking to diversify your workouts and target new muscle groups, the iFit program is definitely worth it. Not only does it have Google Maps technology, which gives you the ability to virtually hike, run or walk around the world as you see the sights, it also offers far more than treadmill workouts. Available through iFit are live studio sessions for yoga, interval training, HIIT training, strength training and more. New classes are posted daily to keep you from the monotony of a typical workout routine.

You’ll hear your personal training crisp and clear as if the trainer is in the room with you through the 3” Dual Digitally Amplified Speakers. Should you opt to do your own thing, put on your music easily without the mess of cords as the Commercial 2450 treadmill has Bluetooth Audio Capabilities. The built-in Dual AutoBreeze Fans will keep you from being drenched in sweat as you perspire. With its 14-inch HD touchscreen, the NordicTrack Commercial 2450 easily outshines any Sole or Horizon treadmill tech offering.


Price Point

Within the NordicTrack Commercial series class, the Commercial 2450 treadmill is the smallest jump in price between the cheaper 1750 model, as there is greater cost distance between the Commercial 2450 and the most expensive Commercial 2950. As the middle option, the Commercial 2450 is ideal for those wanting a NordicTrack Commercial treadmill without paying top dollar.

A few hundred dollars more will grant you a more minimal display, a 4” inch larger HD touchscreen and increased motor strength from 3.75 CHP to 4.0 CHP, in comparison to the cheaper Commercial 1750. If you’re planning on multiple people using the treadmill, we believe opting for the boosted 4.0 CHP DurX Commercial Grade Motor is necessary.

If you need to knock a couple hundred off the treadmill cost but are looking for 4.0 HP motor strength and are able to sacrifice greatly on decline ability, technology and workout programming, the Sole F85 treadmill or the Horizon 7.8 AT might be a better option. Considering the NordicTrack Commercial 2450 comes with 50 varying work out programs, access to the iFit programming and a 14” HD touchscreen as well as decline ability, it truly is priced appropriately, if not even a bargain, as it contains highly advanced features.


Pros and Cons

Something we like to bring attention to regarding NordicTrack is their lack of warranty when it comes to their treadmill motors as well as their meager treadmill frame warranty, which you can see detailed in the warranty section below. The great appeal of the Commercial 2450 treadmill is its declining ability, 14” HD touchscreen, vast number of workout programs, as well as access to iFit personal training and Google Maps technology which allows you to virtually travel the world while being active.

Even if you don’t plan on keeping the iFit membership in order to save on yearly costs, we believe the Commercial 2450 is still fully worth its price when compared to traditional treadmills. With NordicTrack being such a trusted and reputable brand, build quality is not of much concern. The 4.0 DurX CHP smart-response motor will supercharge your activity without skipping a step while the 22” x 60” running surface gives you the space you need to keep going.

With an increased size to 2.5”, the Precision and Balanced Non-Flex Rollers safeguard that fiery motor to promote treadmill lifespan. The built-in fan and Runners Flex cushioning provide a comfortable experience, while bluetooth capability ensures you can remain plugged in without messy cords. The EasyAssist folding truly is as simple as the name implies; speaking from experience, it’s incredibly beneficial to have a large piece of equipment that can be consolidated on a whim.

The fierce -3 – 15 % decline to incline range as well as the up to 12 mph speeds assert that the Commercial 2450 treadmill is up for meeting your challenges. As a side note, if you’re looking for an intense hill workout by way of a treadmill, we recommend NordicTrack’s Incline line, such as the Commercial X11i. We find the NordicTrack Commercial 2450 treadmill to be a consistently cost-mindful choice when comparing it to other brands considering it’s enhanced features.


NordicTrack Commercial 2450 Treadmill Specs

Weight Capacity300 pounds
Running Surface22″ x 60″
Dimensions81.2″ x 39.2″ x 69.9″
Workout DisplayYes; 14” Smart HD Touchscreen
Motor4.0 CHP
Speed0-12 mph
Incline0-15% and 0-3% Decline
Total Programs50


Warranty and Guarantee

Well my friends, if there is one thing to take notice of with NordicTrack, it’s the lack of lifetime warranty coverage. The Commercial 2450 treadmill provides a 10-year frame warranty and no motor warranty, whereas Horizon and Sole, while dated in technology, offer lifetime warranties on both their frame and motors. The Commercial 2450 treadmill provides a 2-year parts warranty and a 1-year labor warranty, which is comparable to other brands so we rest easy considering that.

However, should coverage be a cause for concern, NordicTrack provides a short term solution. You can purchase an extended service plan in order to protect and maintain your treadmill. These varying plans offer coverage of maintenance, repairs, annual preventative maintenance and cover both parts and labor. The caveat, besides it being an additional cost, is the coverage is only available for up to 5 years. You can see the detailed options laid out within the Product Manual, which is present for review on NordicTrack’s website.

A 30-day return window is provided should you want to try out the Commercial 2450 treadmill before permanently committing to it. All this to say, there is definitely solace to be taken in NordicTrack’s active customer service and well-built construction, which has resulted in them being a leading home fitness brand for a long time.


Summing Up This Review

The NordicTrack Commercial series is set apart from the T series as it has declining ability and increased incline range. In addition, the larger roller size works to protect your motor longterm and the larger speakers lead to crisper sound.

The Commercial 2450 treadmill is the just right option for those looking for a beautiful HD touchscreen to be a vehicle of the forward thinking technology it contains. If you’re looking for a workout more similar to the great outdoors, the declining ability and larger incline range as well as the Runners Flex Cushioning provide a more realistic road-running experience than that of the T series. Adding to this, if you want more targeted muscle group activation with decline ability, yet still need to be able to fold your treadmill upwards to save space, the Commercial line is your only NordicTrack option.

With the NordicTrack Commercial 2450, you get more motor power, ideal for runners or multiple users, making it a well-rounded treadmill option at a solid price-point.