Nautilus T618 Review 2021

         Our Rating: 4.6/5



The more expensive of the two treadmills options that Nautilus offers, the T618 is a sturdy and well-appointed treadmill that rivals its more expensive competition. Although it doesn’t include a built-in screen, the ability to pair a smart device with the free Explore the World app makes for a high-tech workout experience without a high price tag.

The the following review, we’ll get into what makes this model so well-rounded, and why we believe it deserves to be on the shortlist of most treadmill consumers.


Build Quality

Nautilus digs deep when it comes to steady quality while not digging deep into your pockets. The affordable T618 treadmill is the more expensive of their two treadmills, yet doesn’t come in at a price above its competitors.

While saving you money, the T618 treadmill won’t keep you from power as the 3.5 CHP motor brings the heat necessary for energized activity. Whether it’s walking, jogging or running, this treadmill is able to accommodate your action. A 0-12 mph speed range combined with a 15% incline accommodates those looking to test their physical ability while also being able to meet the needs of those looking for a light stroll.

One of the many upgrades over the T616 model, the fiery T618 treadmill holds a much thicker 3-ply 2.5 mm treadmill belt. A thicker treadmill belt ups the T618 treadmill’s longevity as it wards off stretching over time. Also encouraging this model to endure through years of use are the larger rollers. 2.75” crown steel rollers work on behalf of motor tension to minimize strain and also enable the T618 to be a quieter home treadmill with less reverberation.

While you pursue a smooth routine, the 20” x 60” running surface gives the space necessary to keep your focus forward. As our world grows and space dwindles, the futuristic and savvy folding design was crafted utilizing a SoftDrop system, so it’s a cinch to fold in order to preserve precious space within your home. Conserve your energy further with wheels that make moving this treadmill a simple task.

Knowing no bounds when it comes to comfort, this treadmill holds a 3-speed fan you can call upon when the going gets sweaty. As your heart rate pulses, the Exclusive Rebound Cushioning system makes protecting your body a proactive effort. More cushioned than the T616 treadmill, the T618 grants additional cushioning at both the front and back, lending to softer kick offs and landing areas so the bodily strain impact is kept to a minimum.

To summarize, substantial horsepower for more difficult workouts? Check. Boosted resilience quality with larger rollers, a thicker tread belt and a higher weight capacity than the T616? Check. Easy storage? Check. The T618 treadmill has certainly earned the pedestal it stands on in being a truly fantastic treadmill option with a reasonable price tag.



When it comes to high-tech treadmills, it’s easy to slip into the trap of paying more for a weaker powered treadmill because the screen and fun features were too irresistible. Yet, over time, the wow factor from the shiny tech may wear off, leaving you with lower potential to pursue a higher powered workout.

What we enjoy specifically about the Nautilus T618 treadmill is the way it keeps its price low while not sacrificing on longevity. In order to do that, Nautilus asks users to bring their own tablets, putting you in the driver’s seat of deciding just how much tech you want to have-on hand during your workouts.

Nautilus stays up to date and makes possible the ability to pursue similar workout experiences like that of NordicTrack or ProForm through its Explore the World app, which takes users on exercise journeys through real places around the globe. Offering extensive and stunning workouts, this app also stores your workout data so you can better track your efforts, as well as harmoniously transfer your summaries to other apps of your choice through via Bluetooth connectivity.

Walking into the room and making sure all eyes are on it, the T618 comes to the party energized with 26 workout programs. Having this many workout programs on hand is helpful when it comes to the activity variety needed to keep your body guessing. Whether you like crafting your own custom workouts or your focus is on weight management, heart wellness, interval training, or more performance-minded movement, the T618 has you covered.

Plain and simple, this treadmill has far more included programs than its competition and is often cheaper. For example, the Sole F80, a comparable treadmill, provides only 10 activity programs, and at a higher price. Stacking the odds ever in its favor, this treadmill opts for not just one, but two treadmill LCD displays to more concisely communicate your workout statistics. The DualTrack screens are back-lit with blue lighting, the color best associated with serenity.

Making us all the more excited about this model and its attainable cost is the inclusion of a heart rate chest strap, in addition to the contact hand grips, which allow you to track your pulse without locking yourself into holding hands with the treadmill. Moving your arms freely lends to better activity posture and the handsfree offering of the chest strap makes this possible.

Other treadmills, such as the LifeFitness T3 treadmill, may get you closer to commercial quality and includes a wireless chest strap just like the T618 does, but comes with a much higher price tag, not to mention the workout programming it lacks when standing alongside the T618.

A variety of built-in workouts, two differing options to track heart rate, Bluetooth connectivity, the pairing of the free Explore the World App and an acoustic chambered sound system makes it hard to believe the Nautilus T618 is so well priced without lacking the treadmill technology we’ve come to love and look for in our search for the best treadmill.


Price Point

If you’ve read through this review, you’ve probably noticed multiple references to the Nautilus T618 having a competitive price tag. While not setting new standards for advanced treadmills like the Life Fitness Platinum Club Series is, as those are reserved at a much higher cost, this model has more than just the common features one would hope to find in their home treadmill, such as ample motor power, a wide 3-ply tread belt, large rollers, Bluetooth connectivity, and a solid number of fitness programs.

The best way to price out an option you might be considering is to compare it to the other models available on the market and see what a similar amount of money could get you with another brand. A great way to start is to find motors comparable in horsepower as they can be the biggest differentiator when it comes to cost.

Matching with the Nautilus T618 in 3.5 CHP motor strength is the Horizon 7.4 AT, which is roughly $200 more. Paying more for the 7.4 AT would get you greater warranty coverage and a 2-inch wider deck. Something to note, a higher price doesn’t always mean the best option, as selecting the Horizon 7.4 AT comes with sacrifices when compared to the T618.

Paying more in this case actually gets you smaller treadmill rollers, less workout programs and a thinner belt. Yet, despite the difference in price, there are similarities with the Nautilus T618 and the Horizon 7.4 AT, such as a 350 pound weight capacity, built-in fan, Bluetooth, technology, folding design, 0-12 speed range and 15% incline.

Another treadmill that can be compared to the Nautilus T618 treadmill is the LifeSpan TR4000i, which again, is quite a bit more expensive. As you can see, it’s hard to come by a treadmill that includes everything the Nautilus T618 does without paying more, making it a financially savvy choice if you’re doing what you can to keep your bank account intact.


Pros and Cons

Regarding cons, this treadmill could use a boost in warranty coverage, as it doesn’t provide lifetime on the frame or motor, like some treadmill brands do. A built-in HD display would be beneficial so users aren’t required to use their own smartphone or tablet in order to access the Explore the World app. That being said, if either of these areas were rectified by Nautilus, we’d imagine it would result in a much more expensive cost, making the T618 more on par with its competition in terms of price.

Pursuing the theme of being wallet-friendly, the Explore the World app is free, allowing you to take hold of advanced and stunning workouts alongside others from around the world without having to pay an additional cost. Considering treadmills such as the ProForm Pro 2000 or NordicTrack T 8.5 Si will have you paying a monthly membership fee to access around the world workouts, we really appreciate Nautilus making their technology available to customers for free.

This convenience-minded treadmill extends a helping hand with its media shelf, ideally located above the display, providing easy positioning for a smart device, book or magazine. Meanwhile, the accessibility of the incline and speed controls on the performance urethane dipped handlebars makes changing your speed or incline a fast and easy transition.

A feature of comfort you don’t see often on other treadmills is the towel and accessory bar, placed below the display, so you can hang a towel or store any helpful items, such as hair ties, with ease.

The devil is in the details, and this model from Nautilus takes itself to task ensuring its vast features will thoughtfully enhance your workout experience by making it as convenient and comfortable as possible.


Nautilus T618 Treadmill Specs

Weight Capacity350 pounds
Running Surface20″ x 60″
Dimensions78″ x 37.6″ x 62.8″
Workout DisplayYes; 2 blue backlit LCDs – 3.75″ and 5.5″
Motor3.5 CHP
Speed0-12 mph
Total Programs26


Warranty and Guarantee

Unfortunately, Nautilus doesn’t provide any lifetime warranties on the T618 treadmill. However, they were still able to outdo their more expensive competition as the overall warranty is greater than that of NordicTrack or ProForm, and by a sizable margin.

The T618 treadmill allows for 15 years of frame and motor coverage, which is 5 more than the cheaper T616 model. Nautilus also include 5 years of mechanical and electronics coverage with the T618, which is 2 more years than the T616 allots. Better still, the T618 treadmill provides double the labor coverage, in the form of 2 years, than that of the T616.

We’d like to point out that while not having lifetime motor or frame coverage is sometimes a red flag, 15 years is a solid amount of time, and the extended protection in the mechanical, electronics and labor areas make for warranty coverage that’s nothing to sneeze at.


Summing Up This Review

The Nautilus T618 treadmill does a great job at blowing it’s competition out of the water for the price it’s offered at. Considering it thoughtful features, higher horsepower motor, and dependable build, the T618 is a wonderful fit for those looking to not compromise on a well-rounded home treadmill.