LifeSpan TR6000i Light-Commercial Review 2021

         Our Rating: 4.7/5



Billed as a light-commercial treadmill mainly due to its alternating current motor, the LifeSpan TR6000i is a long-term heavyweight that can withstand almost anything thrown at it.

If you’re looking for a home treadmill that’s going to get extensive use each day, or you’re purchasing a treadmill for a small club, this review explains what makes this model a solid contender at its price point.


Build Quality

When one thinks of a commercial treadmill, it’s naturally assumed to be best intended for commercial use. While this treadmill is incredible for small gyms, it’s also an excellent option for workout heavy homes that don’t mind the additional noise of an alternating current motor (more on that later).

If you’re looking for a home treadmill and aren’t entirely sure about whether your daily activity level or length is fitting for a commercial treadmill, LifeSpan created an option that allows you to dip your toes into the commercial pool. Ideal for multiple-user households, small clubs or those looking to train for marathons, the TR6000i Light-Commercial Treadmill is built to withstand years of frequent and persistent use.

Making the TR6000i Light-Commercial treadmill stand out from traditional home treadmills are the large dual rollers intended to prevent wear and stretching on the treadmill belt. These rollers are mindfully placed at both the front and back of the treadmill in order to be more effective than other competing commercial treadmills. 3” rollers in the front paired with 2” rollers in rear will not only extend the lifespan of the LifeSpan TR6000i, but also create a lower vibrational stride throughout your treadmill run.

Also contributing to a smoother experience, as well as the minimization of body strain are the eight independent compression shocks located within the 1” phenolic deck. The deck itself is a wonder as it was designed to resist heat, bringing the assurance that the TR6000i Light-Commercial Treadmill is more than capable of withstanding even your longest of runs. This capability is brought forth all the more with the TR6000i treadmill’s 3.5 HP Continuous Duty AC motor.

With drive and lift design in mind, the motor alone grants an astounding 800-pounds of maximum lift strength, which provides the muscle needed to accommodate your dedicated fitness routine. The frame of this treadmill is made of steel and has been robotically welded for complete precision. Elevating user protection, the TR6000i is decorated with ETL/ETL/c, FCC, and CE certifications, while the non-removable safety key, emergency stop button, and Intelli-Guard Technology prevent the treadmill from going when it shouldn’t.

The high-end aluminum side rails, which offer a secure place to land should you need to catch a breather, are a huge upgrade from the plastic side rails present on LifeSpan’s residential treadmills.



Treadmill technology should be ample enough to increase ease, comfort and overall enjoyment as you activate your body. Turning your exercise into a stress-free event that you can look forward to are the 46 included workout programs providing a variety of guidance in order to maximize your fitness results.

Summing up the intention of each program are the ways in which they are categorized. Ranging from performance training, healthy living, weight loss to warm ups or cool downs allow you to zero in on your goal without additional fuss. Making the TR6000i Light-Commercial Treadmill specialized in its program offerings is the RockPort Fitness Test designed by exercise psychologists, which can aid you in learning where your body stands fitness-wise. The Navy Fitness test will grant further insight. Should a 5k or 10k race be on your bucket list, there is specific programming for each race that will greatly aid your training.

As you guide yourself through these programs, the multi-color 6” LCD display will advise you with detailed readouts such as altitude change and mile pace while of course keeping you abreast of more traditional information such as heart rate, overall time, distance and calories burned. Contact heart rate sensors verify accurate and current reading of just how hard your movement is making your heart pump.

Unique to LifeSpan treadmills is the Intelli-Step technology, which functions as a built-in pedometer recording your every step. The information logged from a workout won’t disappear into thin air as your personal data can be stored via your smart device of choice through USB connection. What’s more, the USB port has a dual-purpose, as in addition to giving access to your free Club Account, where you can store fitness data, it also will charge your devices. Now, you don’t have to be concerned your phone will run out of juice while you run!

Simplifying wireless connection is the bluetooth capability that enables access to your smartphone or tablet in order to play podcasts or your favorite jams through the built-in treadmill speakers included in the audio center. Also a part of the audio center is the auxiliary audio jack should you want to use headphones or hook up personal speakers, making the options of possible connection endless.

Encouraging ease all the more is Intelli-key, something not found within LifeSpan’s residential treadmills. Intelli-key offers direction in order to easily select which workout program is the best option in a given day, as well as simple treadmill set-up intended to save you time by getting you going faster. Minimizing navigation are the five QuickSet speed and incline buttons that present the ability to quickly to alter incline or speed.

When factoring in what’s important to find within a treadmill to attain a positive exercise experience, the LifeSpan TR6000i Light-Commercial Treadmill certainly has what it takes.


Price Point

Cost is a large factor that could determine whether or not the LifeSpan TR6000i Light-Commercial Treadmill is a fit for your household. In relation to other LifeSpan treadmills, the TR6000i Light-Commercial treadmill is the cheapest commercial-grade option they provide.

If the lower powered motor of the TR6000i is throwing you off and you can afford to spend more, skip over the LifeSpan TR7000i and opt instead for the Life Fitness Club Series +, which is fully commercial-grade and provides 0.5 more horsepower than the TR6000i Light-Commercial Treadmill, as well as more technology features.

If you’re towing the line between saving a couple hundred dollars by going with the best selling residential LifeSpan TR5500i over the Light-Commercial TR6000i, intent of use needs to be determined. The TR6000i Light-Commercial is a better fit should you have a multi-user household who will be accessing the treadmill often as the materials and motor used is more conducive to active usage. The TR6000i treadmill is also a greater fit if you’re looking for a marathon length workout.

That being said, to be frank, both treadmills are wonderful choices for your home.


Pros and Cons

The greatest difference between the LifeSpan TR6000i Light-Commercial Treadmill and residential treadmills, such as the LifeSpan 5500i Folding Treadmill, is the type of motor. Alternating Current (AC) motors are used in commercial settings over Direct Current (DC) motors, as the differing power source of an AC motor results in it being lower maintenance overall.

However, you will find DC motors in most residential treadmills, including all of LifeSpan’s non-commercial treadmills, because they are more conducive to a home setting due to their quieter operation, which is of less concern in a busy gym setting.

With the light-commercial build, the impressive roller size is increased from not only traditional treadmills, as it should be, but also competing commercial treadmills such as the NordicTrack Commercial 1750 treadmill, whose 2.5” rollers are 0.5” smaller than the TR6000i Light-Commercial Treadmill’s front rollers, despite touting itself as a full-commercial treadmill.

Interestingly, the NordicTrack 1750 Commercial treadmill is cheaper, yet holds 0.25 HP more motor power than the LifeSpan TR6000i Light-Commercial treadmill and 2% greater incline. That being said, while cheaper, the NordicTrack 1750 Commercial treadmill lacks lifetime warranty coverage and has a weight limit of 50 pounds less.

Due to the fortified form of the TR6000i Light-Commercial Treadmill, it cannot be folded and therefore isn’t the ideal option should you need a storable treadmill such as the NordicTrack Commercial 2950. However, simple transportation and movement is provided through the four total rear and front mounted wheels, so you’re not left with a firmly planted stationary treadmill.

Users have pointed out that the way the console is laid out, a laptop can be rested upon it, making the TR6000i Light-Commercial Treadmill a savvy find for those who work remotely and enjoy maximizing their time by getting steps in while doing so. When it comes to being well-constructed, the LifeSpan TR6000i Light-Commercial treadmill was created to last as it can withstand a variety of workouts.


LifeSpan TR6000i Light-Commercial Treadmill Specs

Weight Capacity350 pounds
Running Surface22″ x 60″
Dimensions74.5″ x 35″ x 55.5″
Workout DisplayYes; 6″ LCD
Motor3.5 CHP
Speed.5-13.5 mph
Incline13% and 8% decline
Total Programs46


Warranty and Guarantee

One of the greatest benefits of opting for a LifeSpan treadmill is the impressive motor and frame warranty coverage. The provision of lifetime coverage on both the incredible steel-welded frame and sturdy 3.5 HP Continuous Duty AC motor brings further confirmation that this treadmill has been built to last.

We are delighted to see a boost in parts coverage as the 7-years granted on the TR6000i Light-Commercial Treadmill is two more years than the TR5500i treadmill offers. The 1-year labor warranty could be helped with a little boost, but honestly is a common industry standard.

Additionally, we value the 30-day satisfaction guarantee LifeSpan gives as it allows ample time for verifying the TR6000i Light-Commercial Treadmill will be a solid fit for your personalized space long-term.


Summing Up This Review

Being able to integrate exercise into your daily routine without wondering if your treadmill can handle the high-usage of a multi-user household or small club is what makes the LifeSpan TR6000i Light-Commercial Treadmill such an optimal choice for both fitness friendly families and membership goers.