LifeSpan TR7000i Commercial Review 2021

         Our Rating: 4.8/5



A truly solid commercial treadmill option, the LifeSpan TR7000i bundles superb build quality with a fantastic warranty at a price that’s less than half of some of its competitors.

While it doesn’t have cutting-edge technology or a massive display, in this review you’ll discover how this treadmill is a tried and true option that can withstand the workout regimen of any athlete or group of athletes.


Build Quality

If you own a club or gym, or have a household busting at the seams and are searching for ways to channel active energy, it only makes sense that you’re in the market for a commercial treadmill. One of the strongest options on the market today is the LifeSpan TR7000i Commercial Treadmill.

If you like room to run, the 22” x 62” running surface, is the largest we’ve seen, as high-end treadmills typically have either a 20” x 60” or 22” x 60” surface. Even the Bugatti of treadmills, the Life Fitness Platinum Club Series, only offers a 22” x 60” running surface and rings in at nearly triple the price of the LifeSpan TR7000i Commercial Treadmill.

Speaking to the more stable build of a commercial-grade treadmills is the TR7000i’s 400 pound weight capacity, which is also quite hard to come by; the same priced NordicTrack Commercial 2950 treadmill allots the more traditional weight capacity at 300 pounds, a whopping 100 pound discrepancy from the stronger LifeSpan TR7000i Commercial Treadmill.

Balancing the trusty and weighty build of this commercial beast are its phenomenally sized 3.0” crowned rollers. Considering the pairing between the largely sized rollers and the multi-ply polyester treadmill belt, which is commercial-grade with a non-slip PVC surface, you can rest easy knowing the TR7000i Commercial Treadmill will operate quietly and not pose a disturbance to fellow gym-goers or housemates.

The thick 1” treadmill deck is melamine laminated and reversible with medium-density fiberboard. Within this robust deck lies four independent compression shocks, which function to keep your joints safe as well as amplify your indoor exercise experience by better emulating an outdoor environment.

Now, for the bread and butter of what makes the LifeSpan TR7000i Treadmill so fulfilling, it’s incredibly crafted 3.5 HP commercial alternating current motor has a 1,000 pound thrust incline motor. This 3.5 HP AC motor is like the hulk when it comes to power as it was created to meet high mileage usage. Adding to this, users can choose between 15 levels of incline to get the burn and diversity required to see change within their bodies as they tackle the speed range of 0.5-12 mph.

When it comes to treadmill build, the LifeSpan TR7000i Commercial Treadmill was made to be the trustworthy option that can withstand steady use.



To be straightforward about the TR7000i Commercial Treadmill, this bad boy was made for fitness fiends who want to sweat without worry of their workout equipment not being able to keep up and ultimately ending up in treadmill heaven. What this commercial treadmill was not designed for, however, was to impress technology fans with fancy features.

If you want to exercise simplistically and regularly, the TR7000i Commercial Treadmill is a great choice. That being said, if you want to be transported into different workout simulations with Google Maps technology and live instructor-led workouts, you’re better off opting for a NordicTrack treadmill, such as the Commercial X22i. However, do note their iFit technology comes at a yearly subscription.

A simple, user friendly console is what makes the LifeSpan TR7000i Commercial Treadmill a great option for those who want tried and true build quality with just enough technology to get their workout started. The 6.5” LCD display is backlit to assure clear visibility and also has scrolling alpha-numeric messaging to keep you up to date on your activity readouts.

Speed, time and incline is located in three separate LED windows beneath the 6.5” display, making it a breeze to keep abreast of these important fitness summaries as you go. A unique readout of steps taken is provided by the Intelli-Step technology, a unique feature that can only be found in LifeSpan treadmills. Acting as a pedometer, this feature is beneficial to those interested in tracking their steps.

Another patented bonus is the Intelli-Guard technology, which puts safety at the forefront by halting the belt immediately once the user steps off of it for 20 seconds. Circling back to simplicity is the Intelli-Key technology, which further optimizes seamless console navigation by lighting up sequential buttons to guide you through treadmill set-up and workout program choices.

While we’re not blown away by the 21 workouts provided, we are impressed at the quality of the programming, as each workout was created by exercise physiologists to ensure your body movement is as beneficial to your health as possible. Whether it’s heart rate training, managing your weight, sports training, or overall healthy living, each workout falls within a helpful category that provides insight into which goal the program was made to achieve.

If you’re a fitness buff who has found their own exercise groove, you can customize up to two different workouts to call upon when you know just what your body needs.

A USB plus port will quickly charge your smart devices while bluetooth connectivity enables cord-free connection so you can listen to your favorite playlist or podcast while getting your daily activity in.

As we noted at the beginning of this section, the LifeSpan TR7000i Commercial is optimal for those looking to workout without the distraction or additional price tag that comes with mind-blowing technology, because it certainly doesn’t have that. What the TR7000i Commercial Treadmill does have is adequate technology to ensure a safe, comfortable and low-maintenance ride for the long-haul.


Price Point

We’ll get straight to the point regarding price: the LifeSpan TR7000i Commercial Treadmill is accurately and appropriately priced. With such a quality commercial build that is verifiably safe to have in your business or home with two different lifetime warranties to back up the treadmill’s frame and motor, it can almost be argued that the TR7000i Commercial Treadmill is a steal.

If you look to competing brands offering commercial treadmills, such as NordicTrack, you’ll find that NordicTrack is similarly priced, but with smaller treadmill rollers and very poor warranty coverage.

Meanwhile, Life Fitness, the brand specifically known for making products found within your favorite high end gyms worldwide, takes its incredible reputation and prices its treadmills accordingly. Unfortunately, that means their models are quite expensive, as exemplified by the Club Series + treadmill.

You can rest easily on your investment laurels knowing you weren’t taken to the cleaners with the LifeSpan TR7000i Commercial Treadmill.


Pros and Cons

The 3.5 HP commercial AC motor this model has been equipped with marries power with steady consistency to be the right match for long-winded walkers and fast runners alike.

If you’re a sprinter, we’d point you to the LifeSpan TR6000i Light-Commercial Treadmill instead due to an increased speed range. Taking the pace up a notch, the TR6000i’s 13.5 mph top speed offers 1.5 mph more than the TR7000i treadmill.

Additionally, the TR6000i has 3 decline levels while the TR7000i Commercial Treadmill unfortunately does not have any decline ability. That being said, the TR7000i’s increased weight capacity, larger rollers and two additional incline levels are part of what makes it a true commercial-grade treadmill, rather than light-commercial, like the TR6000i.

When it comes to safety, our favorite fitness brand is LifeSpan, as they bring certifiable assurance to the protective build of their treadmills. The TR7000i Commercial Treadmill is CE, FCC and ETL/ETLc certified. FCC certification is definable as the machine’s technology beneath electromagnetic interference standards set forth by the Federal Communication Commission.

CE certification means the TR7000i Commercial Treadmill has met the safety, environmental and health requirements of the European Economic Area (EEA). While that may not seem of importance if you live within the US, it speaks to the advanced care LifeSpan took with the TR7000i Commercial Treadmill, as this certification is harder to get, considering at the current moment Europe has greater regulatory standards than the US.

Not all of LifeSpan treadmills have CE certification; notably, the TR5500i is lacking CE certification as well as the ETL/ETLc certification. This certification, which the TR7000i Commercial Treadmill does have thankfully, communicates that the treadmill has gone through further testing by Intertek, an internationally recognized OSHA company that’s a branch of the US department of labor, to ensure compliance of national safety measures.

As for ETLc, this reflects that this model has also been tested on behalf of Canada’s safety requirements. While seemingly irrelevant in regards to your personal daily experience on the TR7000i Commercial Treadmill, it’s important to understand the depths LifeSpan goes to create an incredibly safe and trustworthy piece of machinery.


LifeSpan TR7000i Commercial Treadmill Specs

Weight Capacity400 pounds
Running Surface22″ x 62″
Dimensions80.5″ x 33.25″ x 61″
Workout DisplayYes; 6.5″ multi-color LCD
Motor3.5 CHP
Speed.5-12 mph
Total Programs21


Warranty and Guarantee

If we had fancy star stickers to plop on our favorite warranty-covered treadmills, the LifeSpan TR7000i Commercial Treadmill would certainly receive one. A lifetime warranty is offered up on both the strong steel frame and dependable drive motor. Considering the price to replace both of these items, lifetime coverage brings a sigh of relief.

That being said, one area that befuddled us a bit was the parts coverage; while the provided 5-years is adequate, it’s 2-years lower than the TR6000i’s 7-year parts coverage. Considering the TR7000i Commercial Treadmill is more expensive, we would’ve enjoyed seeing a 7-year allotment applied to its parts as well.

However, to make up for the difference, LifeSpan added an additional year to the TR7000i Commercial’s labor warranty, doubling it from the 1-year offered on the TR6000i to 2-years.


Summing Up This Review

If you’re interested in a treadmill for your club or gym, or have a heavy usage household that is teeming with active life looking to pursue physical wellness, the LifeSpan 7000i Commercial Treadmill is a solid option.