Life Fitness T5 Review 2021

          Our Rating: 4.4/5


With a solid warranty, 400 pound weight capacity and the ability to choose between cushioning levels, the Life Fitness T5 is a workhorse of a treadmill that follows suit with the brand’s other offerings in producing a no-nonsense treadmill that will truly last a lifetime.

If you’re looking for a heavy duty option that doesn’t include all of the technological bells and whistles other treadmill brands tout, continue on to the below review.


Build Quality

If you’re someone who is partial to having options in life, the Life Fitness T5 treadmill will grant you the choices you’re accustomed to. To begin, making it stand out from the cheaper T3 model is its adjustable FlexDeck Select shock absorption system. Not only setting it apart from the T3, but also other treadmills in the fitness game today, this adjustable FlexDeck feature puts you in the driver’s seat when it comes to selecting running terrain.

The FlexDeck best simulates outdoor workouts with three different settings to choose from. Supplying the highest level of cushioning is the Standard setting, which emulates the feeling of moving on soil or grass. Begin the process of stripping this cushioning away by opting for the Firm setting, which calls upon the utilization of added shock absorbers to recreate a rubber running track adventure. Activate even more shock absorbers in order to peel away further cushioned layers by choosing the Hard FlexDeck Setting so you can be inserted into an outdoor scene of running on pavement.

The 3.0 HP DC motor packed within the T5 treadmill is powerful enough to accommodate whichever surface simulation you decide upon. Not only powerful, but also focused on longevity, the 3.0 HP DC motor was built with a MagnaDrive controller. This motor technology makes the T5 treadmill invaluable as it creates air gaps between the motor and the load in which the motor is bearing in order to reduce strain on the system. Not only does this MagnaDrive coupling boost motor longevity, it also dwindles the need for maintenance as well as curtails vibration, resulting in a fluid user experience.

Bestowing you an expansive speed range of .5-12 mph and a 15% incline ability, the T5 treadmill will meet your workout however fast or high you plan on taking it with each new day. Making the T5 treadmill a durability showstopper is the 400 pound weight limit it accommodates, which is 50 pounds more than the T3 model’s 350 pound capacity. Adding to this, giving you freedom to move about the treadmill cabin freely is the extended 22″ x 60″ running surface.

All around, the T5 treadmill comes stacked with varying running surface choices, delivers wider space and has a more inclusive weight capacity, making it the stronger Life Fitness treadmill when compared to the T3 and F3 models.



You will not find the Life Fitness T5 treadmill’s name in lights when it comes to futuristic technology or live streamed studio class capability. However, when it comes to being user-friendly and providing the challenging workout you’d hope for from a trusted treadmill, the T5 is a showstopper.

Furthering the options offered with the T5 is the choice to select either the Go Console or the Track Connect Console. Designed to be as user-friendly as possible, the Go Console is also the more budget-friendly option. The Go Console affords 12 workout programs that necessary to getting your diverse burn on. These workouts are broken down into four levels: beginner, experienced, advanced and all levels. In order for you to get a small taste of some of the programs available via the Go Console, offered are Fat Burn, Sports Training, Heart Rate Hill, Cardio, EZ Incline, and Manual, to name a few. The Go Console accommodates two users when it comes to making profiles and storing exercise data.

With that said, if you’re looking for bluetooth technology so you can seamlessly transfer your workout summaries to your favorite fitness app, you’ll need to upgrade to the Track Connect Console. More stylish and updated in both appearance and quality, the Track Connect Console better suits those used to calling upon technology to make daily tasks more streamline and those interested in keeping score of their activity progress. Utilize the bluetooth capability to sync with apps such as Apple Health, Nike, FitBit, MyFitnessPal, Garmin, Run Social and others!

Whether you like to stream movies, read your kindle, or watch a workout class on youtube, the user-minded compression rack is located above the display at eye level, meaning you can keep abreast of your stats below while placing your smartphone or tablet above for uninterrupted viewing. Making this console more futuristic are the beautifully lit up touch keys, rather than dated push buttons. These touch keys guide you into a world of selection whether you want to do a Heart Rate Marathon, HIIT, or a Fit Test, or Hill Workout. The Track Connect Console offers up 16 workout programs, 12 custom programs and the power to create four user profiles.

While more costly than the Go Console, the additional four work out programs, 10 added custom workouts, two extra user profiles, bluetooth connection and touch key display gives the Track Connect Console a considerable leg up to better access interactive training.

Regardless of the console you opt for, the T5 treadmill provides a wireless telemetry heart system as well as contact hand sensors so you can be sure your heart rate reading is accurately. While still shy of blowing us away with live streaming technology that treadmills like the NordicTrack Commercial 1750 treadmill provides, the Life Fitness T5 treadmill has the offerings required to acquire a fierce fitness routine.


Price Point

When it comes to Life Fitness treadmills, you’re paying more for the assurance that you’re buying a high-quality treadmill that was created to stand the test of time. When it comes specifically to the T5 treadmill, the ability to tailor it to your budget with the Go Console or the pricier Track Connect Console is an option you’d be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. We value the a-la-carte structure that allows the consumers to select what best suits their needs, rather than getting a one-size-fits-all treadmill with features one may not require.

That being said, considering the cheaper cost of competing treadmills with more motor power such as the Sole F80 or the Horizon 7.4 AT, or comparably priced NordicTrack T 9.5 S, you have a plethora of choices encouraging you to be selective.

When it comes to Life Fitness competing treadmill models, the T5 outshines the T3 in running surface, weight capacity, a variety of deck cushioning levels, two additional years of warranty coverage on parts and the opportunity to choose which console you prefer. However, the T5 comes at a higher price tag than the T3 despite having the same 3.0 HP DC Motor with MagnaDrive controller. If you’re looking to upgrade from the Life Fitness T3, the T5 certainly comes with additional perks.


Pros and Cons

The greatest con, in our opinion, when considering the Life Fitness T5 treadmill is the higher price when compared to competing brands. If you’re interested in learning more about what the expense of this model is and how it stacks up to other treadmills on the market, read the Price Point section above if you haven’t already. While we deeply appreciate the longevity the T5 treadmill was built for, it’s still a pricey option if you plan on using it an average amount.

Unfortunately, the T5 treadmill does not fold up in order to save space, but the Life Fitness F3 treadmill does, if maximizing space by storing your treadmill is a priority. Another ding is the added expense of the Track Connect Console, however, this provides the benefit of choice regarding consoles available in order to fit both your budget and technology needs.

The greatest pro that sets this treadmill apart from competitors is the Adjustable Flex Deck Shock Absorption, which means you get to decide on the feel of terrain you’d like to experience. Choosing between the simulation of rubber turf, grass or pavement is beneficial to change up your routine and create new excitement and adventure while getting your work out in.

An extended running surface of 22″ x 60″ is impressive and shouldn’t be taken for granted. Adding to this, the T5 treadmill’s 3.0 HP DC motor’s MagnaDrive technology brings forth an assertion that the motor is extremely tough and well-made. The larger weight capacity also points to this model’s durability while the 15% incline provided in 0.5% increments and a .5-12 mph speed range meets the home treadmill average. A great advantage of the Life Fitness T5 is the boosted warranty which is detailed in the Warranty and Guarantee section below.


Life Fitness T5 Treadmill Specs

Weight Capacity400 pounds
Running Surface22″ x 60″
Dimensions79.5″ x 32″ x 61″
Workout DisplayLCD Display
Motor3.0 HP
Speed.5-12 mph
Total Programs14 or 28


Warranty and Guarantee

If you’re looking for an investment that comes with incredible warranty protection, the Life Fitness T5 is certainly a desirable option. A lifetime warranty on both the frame and LifeSpring Shock Absorbers will keep you going for years to come. We’d like to see the motor have a lifetime warranty to make it more competitive to the Sole and Horizon brands, but the T5’s 10-year drive motor warranty is still pretty solid.

With a 7-year parts warranty, two years more than the 5-year parts coverage provided with the T3, the T5 certainly comes with more security. The 3-year coverage on either the Go or Track Connect Console as well as 1-year labor coverage on the T5 will give you adequate time for the build of your treadmill to be safeguarded.

One important factor to note about the this treadmill is the wonderful reputation Life Fitness has built by being a treadmill brand who delivers on reliability and treadmill endurance.


Summing Up This Review

If you’re familiar with the Life Fitness brand from using it in public gyms or training centers, you’re aware that their treadmills are built to be user-friendly, stable and long-lasting. Despite the Life Fitness T5 treadmill being higher priced than its competitors, it’s a truly trusted treadmill option that can grant you feelings of ease when being mindful about product longevity.

The ability to choose which cushioning level you prefer to exercise on is what makes the Life Fitness T5 treadmill stand out. If you’re interested in choices, either regarding changing shock absorption levels or the opportunity to select which console suits you best, the Life Fitness T5 Treadmill is a concrete choice to consider.