Life Fitness Platinum Club Series Review 2021

          Our Rating: 4.9/5


If you won’t settle for less, the Platinum Club Series treadmill from Life Fitness is undoubtedly one of the most durable, powerful and technologically advanced treadmills on the market.

For those who believe there’s no compromising fitness and health, this review will make the case for Life Fitness’ most high-end model.


Build Quality

When it comes to brute durability, there is no stronger brand to opt for than the one most commonly found within gyms, professional sports training centers and health clubs not only in the U.S., but worldwide. Life Fitness is a renowned brand that built its reputation on treadmills that accommodate multiple users as well as the hours hard working athletes dedicate to their training. If you desire to recreate the trusted experience high end gym equipment provides within your own home, there is no greater treadmill than the Life Fitness Platinum Club Series Treadmill.

The Bugatti of their home treadmill line-up, the Platinum Club Series Treadmill’s toughness is proven by its 4 HP AC continuous duty motor, which hits 8 HP duty at its peak. Typically, home treadmills are created with a direct current (DC) motor rather than an alternating current (AC) motor, as DC motors are quieter and run more smoothly, while AC motors are more suitable for commercial settings such as health clubs, as they are more powerful to accommodate high usage, power which results in louder operation. However, Life Fitness designed the Platinum Club Series Treadmill mindfully for your home as it paired the 4 HP AC motor with a MagnaDrive motor controller.

A MagnaDrive motor controller is extremely beneficial for a home treadmill to have as it cuts noisy operation that can come with an AC motor. The Platinum Club Series treadmill gives you the best of both worlds with the commercial quality high-force that comes with an AC motor, albiet without the louder operation of it due to it’s MagnaDrive technology, offering a low levels of operating sound.

Due to the strength of an AC motor, higher vibration is common. However, Life Fitness thought of this when crafting the Platinum Club Series as well as this treadmill was built with massive 3.5” rollers; the larger the treadmill roller, the smoother the user experience. For comparison, the Sole TT8 treadmill is Sole’s highest end treadmill and touts itself as the smoothest, most powerful, commercial grade quality you can get, yet it’s equipped with a DC motor and only offers 3.0” rollers, while more traditional treadmills, such as the NordicTrack T 9.5, has 1.9” rollers, a large discrepancy to the Platinum Club Series’s 3.5” rollers. Not only are these rollers incredible in size, they are created with high end precision crown steel, and are placed in both the front as well as the back of the treadmill, a placement that further boosts a steady, smooth user experience. In addition to providing a smooth ride, bigger rollers provide a benefit to motor longevity as they help to reduce motor strain.

An astounding 10-inch step up height speaks to the expensive feel of this treadmill, and gives you a sense of headlining a stage. When it comes to feeling, Life Fitness designed the Platinum Club Series treadmill with comfort and body support in mind. Notably, there are an astounding eight Lifespring Shock Absorbers that activate joint protection. An integrated reading rack allows easily visible placement of your tablet, phone, book or magazine while the 2 removable cup holders let you stock up on your favorite forms of hydration. Nothing beats working out with drinks and a show! We should note, it’s not as if you’ll need to depend on your tablet to stream shows as the 21-inch SE3 HD touchscreen will take care of that for you, but that’s a story for the technology section below.

With a large running surface of 22″ x 60″, you’ll feel free to move without restriction. The roomy running surface encourages you to take hold of the 0.5-12 mph speed range and up to 15% incline without worry of bonking into anything as you exercise. Should you need extra stability, the big side rails will offer you the peace of mind needed in regards to safety.

When it comes to treadmill construction, you’ll be hard pressed to find a build more tough than the Platinum Club Series, which was formed using a welded steel frame, rear levelers, as well as front roller lift wheels. All things considered, the Life Fitness Platinum Club Series Treadmill is a top-of-the-line health club treadmill that provides the durability, fierce power, strength and trusted structure to keep you moving for years to come.



Well, fitness friends, if you’re looking for an all-inclusive experience that won’t have you depending on external devices for entertainment, you’ve found it with the Life Fitness Platinum Club Series. The technology integrated into this luxury treadmill will have your smart tablets and mounted TVs collecting dust as it offers a 21-inch 1080p high definition touchscreen that offers on demand professional interactive workouts, internet, television, bluetooth, and the ability to run your favorite on screen apps. All on demand and bluetooth compatible with iPhone, Android, iPad, Apple Watch, Samsung Galaxy Watch and iPod, the limitless function of the Discover SE3 HD touchscreen proves that even with exercise equipment, you really can have it all.

The higher price tag of the Platinum Club Series is completely validated when considering not only can the treadmill’s power itself accommodate an unlimited amount of users, but so too can its instructor led programming as there is no limit regarding the amount of user profiles you can create, a feature nearly impossible to find on any other treadmill. In contrast, while NordicTrack also offers instructor-led streaming fitness classes on treadmills such as the Commercial 2950, you are required to pay a very pricey yearly membership fee, and that cost only accommodates up to 4 membership profiles.

With up to 42 available workouts and eight custom workouts, the Platinum Club Series Treadmill guides you to a stronger version of yourself with the versatility required to continue challenging your personal bests. The Discover SE3 HD touchscreen makes it simple for you to get an idea of where you stand with the unique fitness tests it provides. Available is the U.S. Air Force Fitness Test, U.S. Marines Physical Fitness Test, U.S. Army Physical Fitness Test, U.S. Navy Physical Readiness Test, British Army PRT, WFI Submax Protocol used by firefighters, Physical Fitness Battery Test (PEB) used by the FBI as well as an additional Fit Test created by Life Fitness. The official programming provided by the Platinum Club Series Treadmill points to its validity of it being a trusted treadmill relied upon by official training centers. The ability to have this programming accessible from your home is incredible when considering the set apart experience and opportunity this treadmill provides.

One of our favorite offerings on the Platinum Club Series treadmill are the interactive video courses through breathtaking cityscapes, landscapes and different global events which have been shot in first person, truly making it feel as if you are traveling around the world from the comfort of your own home. This immersive experience doesn’t stop there, as you can call upon RunSocial should you be feeling competitive, which allows you to compete with other runners in close proximity or from around the world. Whether you are encouraged by the friendly competition or training for a marathon, the ability to navigate trails and travels with others truly makes your workout as realistic as possible, without ever having to step foot outside.

Adding to this, if you prefer a class setting over worldly travels, the inspiring professional trainer-led classes will create deep motivation to keep you moving. While these examples minimize and simplify the offerings of the Platinum Club Series, they speak to the greater concept that this is more than a treadmill, it’s a unique and expansive experience.


Price Point

There’s no beating around the bush, the Life Fitness Platinum Club Series treadmill comes at a high cost that initially gave us sticker shock. However, once we did our research, we realized the price of the Platinum Club Series treadmill is an investment that pays off long term when it comes to the provided programming.

Other treadmill brands such as NordicTrack are cheaper in cost upfront, however, if you want to access their interactive technology, you have to pay a costly annual membership fee. This subscription-based service will have you draining your pockets for years to come, meaning that while you believed you opted for the cheaper treadmill, you’ve been duped to buy into a subscription format. To be frank, we’re referring to the advanced technology that makes NordicTrack treadmills, such as the Commercial X32i, so appealing. Adding to this, NordicTrack does not even get close to standing behind their products with warranty protection like Life Fitness does with their flagship treadmill.

The low decibel level and MagnaDrive Controller of the Platinum Club Series Treadmill makes this truly gym quality treadmill a suitable home gym option, as AC-driven treadmills are usually quite loud. To compare, the Platinum Series’ younger sibling, the the Club Series +, wasn’t designed to have a low decibel level, lacks the 2” greater step up height, increased roller size and additional LifeSpring shock absorbers the Platinum Club Series includes.

The reinforced tough construction of the Platinum Club Series as well as its boosted warranty coverage result in this model being an incredible long-term investment from the highest rated reputable treadmill brand worldwide.


Pros and Cons

Cutting to the chase on your behalf so you can chase your fitness goals instead, the biggest con to consider with the Life Fitness Platinum Club Series Treadmill is the upfront cost of it. If you’re interested in seeing how it stacks up financially, direct your attention to the Price Point section above.

Overall, the Platinum Club Series Treadmill is one for the luxury books. That being said, its price is not what places it in the luxury category; the extensive features the Platinum Club Series provides turn an exercise into an experience, and make this treadmill worth every penny.

Ideal for those who get stuck in workout routine ruts, the Platinum Club Series has the built-in technology to create an immersive experience that takes you out of your home and into a studio class led by top trainers, racing with others around the world and taking federally dependent fitness tests. Seeing all this treadmill has to offer, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Life Fitness is arguably the most popular treadmill brand for health clubs, professional training centers and high-end hotel gyms worldwide. As the Platinum Club Series Treadmill is the most feature-rich home treadmill they provide, there is no option above it to compare it to as it’s at the top of their list. Years and even decades of experience have been called upon to create the Platinum Club Series.

While pricey, the astounding size of the 3.5” precision crowned and steel rollers located in the front and the back of the treadmill, when paired with the 4.0 HP AC continuous duty (8 HP peak) motor with MagnaDrive controller and low decibel level are what truly set this treadmill apart from its competition. This combination results in a home treadmill that can accommodate endless users, for limitless hours, while being built in a way that enhances smooth function and treadmill longevity. While on the subject, when it comes to longevity, you can rest assured the Platinum Club Series lasts as it provides a lifetime warranty on the treadmill frame, shock absorbers and drive motor, proving its ability is far more reaching than other top-tier treadmills.

We pride ourselves on being brutally honest in how we pick apart treadmills, and our honest opinion is that the Life Fitness Platinum Club Series Treadmill is the best buy on the market should you be looking for a traditionally structured treadmill that holds futuristic technology and is dependable enough to last a lifetime.


Life Fitness Platinum Club Series Treadmill Specs

Weight Capacity400 pounds
Running Surface22″ x 60″
Dimensions82″ x 37″ x 62.25″
Workout Display21″ Touch Screen
Motor4.0 HP
Speed.5-12 mph
Total Programs50


Warranty and Guarantee

A great benefit of this model being the highest quality option Life Fitness provides is that it comes with their greatest warranty offering. A lifetime warranty on both the treadmill frame and shock absorbers will assure your structure and joint protection will never fail.

That being said, the most impressive warranty coverage is the lifetime one offered on the drive motor, as competing fitness brands such as NordicTrack don’t offer any type of motor warranty. A 10-year parts warranty also makes the common 3-year parts warranty found on brands such as Horizon and Sole pale in comparison.

Furthermore, the 3-year protection given on behalf of the console and 1-year warranty granted for labor safeguards your Platinum Club Series so you can wholly trust the investment made.


Summing Up This Review

If you’re searching for a high-end option to emulate a health club experience within your own home, the Life Fitness Platinum Club Series treadmill might just be the one for you. The sturdy and luxury construction of the Platinum Club Series will transform your home into one full of amenities that promote convenience, so you can easily build a consistent fitness routine without it being time consuming or paying membership fees.

The Platinum Club Series is forward thinking enough to provide immersive technology, meaning limitless opportunity to keep your work out on its toes, while being strong enough to withstand multiple users on a daily basis. Expensive for a reason, this model marries futuristic technology, fierce construction and marvelous warranty coverage, all from a reliable name brand, proving you really can have it all when it comes to a home treadmill. The hope and expectation of bringing that gym feeling home can best be imitated by the Life Fitness Platinum Club Series Treadmill.