Life Fitness Club Series + Review 2021

          Our Rating: 4.5/5


When it comes to commercial treadmills, Life Fitness has more experience than many of us have been alive. While the Club Series + is billed as a home treadmill, it has a number of commercially-minded features, the most notable being its alternating current motor.

While this treadmill isn’t for everyone, for those who desire a treadmill with an AC motor (find out if that’s you in the below review), this just might be a match made in treadmill heaven.


Build Quality

If you’ve grown to enjoy going to the gym and getting your sweat on, there’s no greater decision than to recreate that same gym experience within your own home on behalf of accessibility without a commute. The Club Series + treadmill is the first of the Life Fitness treadmills that can truly replicate that high end fitness club feeling. That being said, this treadmill actually can be used in a gym, and may be its best use-case scenario—more on this shortly. This luxury treadmill was modernly designed with timeless permanence in mind. With both cast aluminum side rails and kick resistant end caps, as well as a reinforced upright structure created with precision welded steel, the Club Series + treadmill is incredibly durable and long-lasting.

One of the biggest differences to note regarding this treadmill in comparison to the majority of other home treadmills is the fact that it’s powered by alternating current (AC) rather than direct current (DC). The AC-powered nature of the Club Series + results in a treadmill that’s more powerful, incredibly durable when used frequently, and requires less maintenance. That being said, DC-powered treadmills are almost always quieter, provide a smoother ride, and don’t require a dedicated line like some AC treadmills.

If you’re considering this treadmill over another one that uses direct current, these differences alone are probably enough to make you lean one way or the other when considering what best suits your particular situation. For the most part, AC treadmills are usually found in commercial gyms, rather than home gyms, although that’s not always the case, or Life Fitness wouldn’t have added this model to their home treadmill lineup.

Granted by the tough DX3 belt and deck system is an expansive running surface of 22” x 60”. An 8-inch step up height will make it feel as if you are getting in on the gym action while still being able to fit within a home layout. Keeping your pace up is the 0.5 mph-12 mph speed range and supplying that resistance burn is a 15% incline ability. The FlexDeck Shock Absorption slashes strain on your joints while the 400 pound weight capacity further reveals the strength of the Club Series + treadmill.

The mindful open concept design leaves extra space near the console to prevent arm movement confinement other treadmills can cause. A key to the Club Series + convenience is the built-in remote speed and incline controls, which save you from having to reach up to the console to adjust your workout. The Life Fitness Club Series + is the first treadmill in their home lineup that provides a 4 HP motor.



With the Club Series + treadmill, Life Fitness placed the user at the forefront of their minds by bringing two different options of touchscreen consoles to the table. The less technologically advanced of the two, the Discover ST console contributes a 16-inch 1080p high definition screen. While there are many differences between the two displays, one you might be most influenced by is the much higher price of the Discover SE3 HD console, which offers a 21-inch 1080 high definition screen.

Both consoles call upon touchscreen technology for user navigation, offer 24 different languages, wired or wireless internet capability, standard HR straps and headphone bluetooth, telemetry heart rate, 12-15+ quick start workouts, including unique ones such as the U.S. Army, U.S. Marines, U.S. Navy PRT, and U.S. Air Force fitness tests. Further similarities can be found between the consoles in the form of the keypad, volume controls and channel list located on the touchscreen. If it seems as if the greatest difference between the consoles is the 5-inch screen size discrepancy, keep reading.

The much pricier Discover SE3 HD console creates a built in adventure experience through its on demand exercise class content, web browsing ability and on console apps, truly making it a smart television built astonishingly into your treadmill. Life Fitness’ on-demand content grants you access to virtual workout classes on your time and from the comfort of your own home. These online classes, inclusive of custom facility workouts, are taught by fierce instructors who are sure to encourage you to make the most of your time sweating.

Should you prefer to opt out of a teaching environment and rather go the entertainment route, the SE3 HD console still provides great added value. Apps such as Netflix, BBC news, ESPN, Newsy, Pandora, YouTube, The Economist, Solitaire, Chess, Sudoku and Flipboard are all available to stimulate a captivating fitness experience.

If you prefer streamlined function, the Club Series + will make you feel known as it automatically saves your previous workout should you elect to run it back. The bluetooth ability additionally promotes progress tracking by allocating your workout summaries to the fitness apps of your choice. Regardless of whether you appoint the Discover SE3 HD or Discover ST Console to your Club Series + treadmill, you can be sure that it certainly won’t skimp on technology.


Price Point

Well, if you’ve seen the price of the Life Fitness Club Series + treadmill and thought “yikes”, you certainly aren’t alone. This commercially-minded treadmill comes at a high price, one that may or may not be worth the investment depending on your situation.

The greatest differences between the Life Fitness Club Series + and the T5 treadmill are the technology and the motor system. As we stated in detail in the above Build Quality section, AC motors have their pros, but definitely a few cons as well. Deciding on whether or not this treadmill is worth the investment really depends on how much it will be used.

That being said, with the Club Series + treadmill, Life Fitness has stepped up to the plate by offering a lifetime warranty on its motor. Should anything ever happen to it, Life Fitness claims protection over it for a lifetime.

Should you still find the Life Fitness T5 too pricey and would rather go for a cheaper treadmill with more power as well as advanced technology, we’d recommend you look into the NordicTrack T 9.5 S treadmill instead. For the most part, unless you own a gym or plan on your treadmill getting extensive use in your home, the Life Fitness Club Series + treadmill is probably too expensive and powerful for an individual household.


Pros and Cons

As we’ve alluded to at various points in this write-up, deciding to purchase this treadmill or another one really comes down to if your situation calls for an alternating current or direct current treadmill. When it comes to the Club Series +, its enhanced motor power and prolonged durability are two of its biggest pros due to its AC motor. Adding to this, it’ll require less maintenance than a DC motor.

On the flip side, the AC motor of this models means it’ll be louder than a traditional home treadmill and most likely won’t provide as smooth a ride. If your situation calls for a standard home treadmill with a DC motor, check out the T3 treadmill or the T5 treadmill, two other options from Life Fitness.

One thing we truly admire about the Club Series + treadmill is the access to streaming fitness classes included in the price of the SE3 HD Console selection. If you were looking at a NordicTrack treadmill such as the Commercial 2950 due to your interests in technology and instructor led classes, what you may not realize is that in order to access their classes, you have to pay a costly annual membership fee. In comparison, the Life Fitness Club Series + treadmill and its SE3 HD console come with access to fitness classes for life without any hidden costs.

Furthermore, the Club Series + treadmill with the SE3 HD console is actually a smart TV that provides access to apps such as Netflix, BBC news, games and music on so you can leave your tablet elsewhere and still watch or listen to something while you work out. The SE3HD console’s ability is what truly sets the Club Series + treadmill apart from any treadmill we’ve come across.

That being said, it’s important to know that the Life Fitness Platinum Club Series treadmill offers a quieter, direct current treadmill with the same screen tech. However, if you’re interested in instructor led workouts and a world renowned commercial treadmill in your home or gym, the Club Series + treadmill is undoubtedly worth the cost, especially if you opt for the SE3 HD console.


Life Fitness Club Series + Treadmill Specs

Weight Capacity400 pounds
Running Surface22″ x 60″
Dimensions82″ x 36″ x 56″
Workout Display16 or 21″ Touch Screen
Motor4.0 HP
Speed.5-12 mph
Total Programs12-15+


Warranty and Guarantee

Like an alternating current motor, Life Fitness has gone above and beyond when it comes to the warranty provided with the Club Series + and provides lifetime coverage on both the treadmill frame and 4.0 HP AC motor. Adding to this, a 10-year electrical and mechanical parts warranty will keep you in the clear for a long time should there be any technological disruption. The 1-year labor warranty gifts you a year of service should you find it necessary for a Club Series + tune-up.

The warranty coverage offered is admirable and certainly greater than what competing brands such as NordicTrack provide. However, if you find your wallet stretched too thin but warranty coverage is important to you, look into the Sole TT8 treadmill, which toots it’s horn as being commercial-grade quality with a cheaper price tag.


Summing Up This Review

If you and your family are looking for a durable and long-lasting treadmill option, or if you own a small fitness club, the Life Fitness Club Series + treadmill might just be a perfect fit due to its AC motor. Otherwise, if you’re looking to purchase a treadmill solely for the home and don’t have a bunch of fitness buffs under one household, the Club Series + treadmill is most likely too powerful and heavy duty.

That being said, if the situation warrants it, the Life Fitness Club Series + treadmill is completely worth its price due to all that it offers, including its lifetime motor warranty.