Horizon T303 Review 2021

          Our Rating: 4.5/5



With interval training at the center of the T303’s abilities, Horizon has produced a specialized treadmill with lasting durability and a very reasonable price point. Even if internal training isn’t something you’re super interested in, this treadmill is still an incredibly solid option.

Reviewed below, this model is Horizon’s top-of-the-line ‘Go Series’ option, although you wouldn’t know it by seeing its price tag.


Build Quality

If you’re somewhat short on time yet those fierce fitness goals remain intact, the ideal solution to have it all is to pursue interval training. Simply put and just as simply achieved, interval training is when you aggressively pick up the pace for 30-seconds of time, followed by 1-2 minutes of less heightened activity.

In order to reap the results such as increased aerobic capacity, this alteration of short and long bursts of energy should be done for 30-minutes, making interval training the ideal time-effective workout. With your wellness in mind, Horizon Fitness decided to meet the scientifically proven results with the T303 Treadmill, intentionally designed for interval training.

At the top of the throne of the Go Series treadmills, the T303 wears the motor crown with a powerful 3.0 continuous duty horsepower motor. Working effortlessly to keep this treadmill quiet and surge-fighting is the specialized Johnson Drive System, which functions to keep the engine cool. Function at reduced RPMs will increase motor life, making its durability hard to beat.

With an extended deck, the 20” x 60” running surface area grants you a spacious workout. The sturdy 1.4 mm silicone belt wards off stretching through time, while giving you a comfortable grip to keep you moving forward. 3-Zone Variable Response Cushioning eases impact on your joints, protecting bodily wear and tear throughout those short high-intensity spurts.

With intense power does not come an intense presence; the strong T303 treadmill will save you space with the FeatherLight Folding design, which easily and quickly allows you to fold your deck up post exercise experience. This model is a winner for those wanting Horizon Fitness quality while seeking a specialized enough option to handle consistent interval training throughout a lifetime.



Making the Horizon T303 Treadmill unique to its competition is the technology offered which is specific to making interval training more accessible. For swift adjustments in intensity, the two interval keys are ideally placed within easy reach on the display.

Tailoring the T303 to you personally even more is how the interval buttons are easily customizable. By pressing down on the keys labeled “Interval 1” or “Interval 2”, you’re able to save your favored incline and pace for those high intensity routines. When you’re ready to go, simply click either button and the treadmill will automatically adjust to your previously chosen workout. As you grow in training ability, you simply repeat the process to re-customize these buttons to your updated routine.

It can be difficult to manage the time duration on each burst with a traditional treadmill, which is why Horizon worked to make interval training as straightforward as possible with its separate interval timer. Each time you press either interval button, this separate timer, located above the interval buttons, instantly resets to zero so you can tend to your intervals without thinking twice about independently tracking them yourself. No one wants to pour money into a treadmill and still have to use their phone’s timer to track intervals!

Making the T303 treadmill a 2-for-1 special is its ability to accommodate those looking to achieve a HIIT workout and those looking for a traditional treadmill routine. The three LED windows are used for interval segment time, incline and speed while the backlit LCD screen reveals your overall workout summary. This spirited display actively uncovers distance achieved, calories burned, heart rate, incline, speed, total and segment time.

Unlike the lower-end T202 and T101 Horizon treadmills, the T303 comes with multi-position tablet holders so you can keep both your displays clear or set multiple devices such as a tablet and a phone to be held, meaning more handsfree ability.

The bluetooth speakers pair easily with your smart device of choice, making music, online workout videos or movies a theater-like experience. The bluetooth technology also allows you to transfer your fitness results to any exercise tracking app of your choice through the Pro App, which interfaces with the T303.

Expanding this model’s ability to accommodate activity beyond interval training are the amount of workout programs available for those looking for a different kind of burn. Making the T303 the right fit for a diverse household wanting to pursue a variety of fitness goals are the following available programs: My First 5K, Heart Rate, Distance, Hill Climb, Fat Burn, Interval, Calories and Manual.

The way the Horizon T303 Treadmill meets the needs of differing health goals makes it the perfect companion for a lifetime where we ourselves continually alter how we move to best accommodate our aging bodies.


Price Point

You would think the added benefits of increased workout programs and interval training tracking technology would make the Horizon T303 treadmill pricier, however, Horizon Fitness holds true to their goal of making homebound activity both accessible and lasting. The T303 is extremely reasonably priced considering it’s incredible offerings.

Providing a high-quality build and a powerful continuous horsepower motor that will stand the test of time does not have to cost you an arm and a leg. It’s difficult to find a treadmill comparable to the T303 due to its unique provision of easy interval training, however if we were to base it on motor power alone (3.0 HP), speed range (1 mph – 12 mph) and incline ability (12%), let’s see how the competition stands up when it comes to pricing.

To get the same motor power, speed and incline as the Horizon T303, you’d be paying the same price for the SOLE F63 treadmill, which is without interval training ability. While Nordic Track does not offer a treadmill option with a 3.0 HP motor, the T 6.5 Si yields 2.6 CHP motor power, up to 10 mph of speed and a 10% incline for hundreds of dollars more, with decreased power and no interval training ability like the T303 treadmill provides. Proving it can stand up to the competition, the Horizon T303 treadmill is an economically savvy option all around.


Pros and Cons

Just as Horizon Fitness likes straightforward and clear-cut results, so do we. If you’re wondering what the con is of T303 treadmill, we’ll make it very clear: while its function more than meets the expectations of other comparable treadmills, it is lacking the visually stimulating high end technology touch screen that brands such as Nordic Track provide.

If you’re interested in a futuristic appearance with the most updated optically pleasing technology, this model will not provide such. However, if you’re looking for long-lasting durability and broad workout capability to bust that boredom of the same fitness routine, the T303 treadmill is your best bet.

Its 325 pounds weight capacity, 12% incline, 3.0 CHP motor, seven available work-out programs and customizable interval training function grants you access to a variety of changing motivation. The practical function of the FeatherLight Folding feature helps honor your home space while not sacrificing diverse fitness ability. As you work up a sweat on a consistent basis, the extended cushioned deck works to reduce impact to safeguard your body from injury.

With a wonderful home warranty, detailed below, quiet operating sound, simple set-up and an unbeatable price for incomparable function, the Horizon T303 treadmill sincerely has vastly more pros than cons.


Horizon T303 Treadmill Specs

Weight Capacity325 pounds
Running Surface20″ x 60″
Dimensions75″ x 34″ x 58″
Workout DisplayNo
Motor3.0 HP
Speed0.5-12 mph
Total Programs8


Warranty and Guarantee

Horizon Fitness is a trusted brand because they put their money where their mouth is in order to assure you that your T303 treadmill is of lasting quality. The Lifetime Warranty protecting the Featherlight Folding Frame and 3.0 Continuous Horsepower Motor provides ultimate peace of mind.

Meanwhile, T303 treadmill parts will be covered for 3 years, a large increase from the Horizon T202 and T101 models, which only offer 1-year parts coverage. Should your treadmill need a bit of tweaking, labor coverage is provided for 1-year post purchase. The only comparable warranty coverage would be the one offered on SOLE’s F63 model, which comes with 3-years of deck coverage as well as 3-years of electronics protection, making it the area it gains traction on the Horizon T303. Meanwhile, NordicTrack offers no where near lifetime coverage on its cheaper models, which are still more expensive and less mechanically performative than the T303.

In addition to solid warranty, Horizon also provides a 30-day money back guarantee so you can try the T303 before it’s a permanent buy. This month-long worry free period is a beautiful gift that allows you to verify your purchase was one that suits your daily routine. We appreciate how Horizon stands behind their T303 treadmill with its impressive warranties and 30-day money back guarantee.


Summing Up This Review

If you’re interested in making interval training a part of your daily routine without having to worry about manually tracking and shifting incline or speed on your treadmill, the Horizon T303 might just be the perfect fit.

Coming in at an economically sound price with a variety of other programs to still accommodate those not interested in interval training, the T303 is sincerely a one size fits all lasting option for your household and altering lifestyle fitness interests throughout the years.