Horizon 7.4 AT Review 2021

          Our Rating: 4.7/5



Almost the cream of the crop of Horizon Fitness’s treadmill lineup, the 7.4 AT is a serious heavy-hitter in the world of interval training, but doesn’t come with the costs normally associated with high function and specialized training.

In the following review, we’ll layout what makes this model so special and why it deserves to be on the short list of workout buffs, more specifically those with an affinity toward HIIT, or high intensity interval training.


Build Quality

The middle of the dynamic Horizon Studio Series’ proverbial sandwich is the 7.4 AT Treadmill. Coming in hot as a step up from the 7.0 AT, the 7.4 AT boasts an increased warranty, additional workout programs, a wider deck and a stronger motor.

Making it a great option for those looking to jog or run for longer durations, the 3.5 continuous horsepower motor packs enough power to meet your athleticism with a speed range of 0.5 mph – 12 mph and an incline up to a whopping 15%. The 3.5 CHP motor is paired with an unbelievable 500 pound thrust incline motor. This pairing transforms the motor with its Rapid-Sync Technology, making it specialized for those interested in interval training with a motive of boosting response time.

Proven to have a 33% speedier reaction time than traditional treadmills results in the 7.4 AT treadmill being a smoother ride as it shifts rapidly to the changing mileage and incline an interval workout requires. Adding room to get your HIIT on is the extended 22” x 60” deck. Making the spacious deck further helpful is the Horizon-created 3-Zone Variable Response Cushioning, designed to keep up your ability to move by softening the blow your joints experience through training.

Not only does the 7.4 AT provide extra room to run, it also gives your space room to breathe with its FeatherLight Folding ability, making it effortless to store away with a minimal footprint when not in use.

The fierce benefit of a 3.5 CHP Rapid-Drive System motor is hard to come by when considering competition, truly giving the Horizon 7.4 AT treadmill a dazzling option for those looking to sweat and get their heart rates up.



In addition to the Rapid-Sync Motor, the added workout programs make the Horizon 7.4 AT treadmill an exercise companion built to last a lifetime. The first of the Horizon Studio Series to offer customizable programming, the 7.4 AT comes with not just one but two options.

The Custom Program allows you to store a favorite go-to workout while the Custom HeartRate Program encourages you to save something for those times you have energy to burn and blood flow to boost. The ability to store two of your favorite training workouts tailored to your preference and capacity is a wonderfully added benefit of empowerment.

We previously mentioned how the 7.4 AT treadmill is optimized for those looking to do interval training for ultimate conditioning. Backing up this claim is the elite Sprint 8 Program, designed for you to aggressively tackle your health goals when you’re short on time so you can actually notice the fruits of your labor. When performed for an 8-week period, users experienced on average a reduction of 27% body fat.

Coming in at only 20-minutes in length, the Sprint 8 encourages you to find the time to invest in your health. Making a workout attainable isn’t the only goal with the Sprint 8; this high-intensity interval training workout was designed to stimulate your human-growth hormone which results in sustainably boosted energy, lean muscle mass and the riddance of existing fat.

While eye-catching for the interval training buffs, the 7.4 AT doesn’t fall short on offerings for those interested in other types of workouts. In addition to the two customizable programs and Sprint 8, the 7.4 AT also includes Hill Climb, Manual, 5K, Calorie, Distance, Fat Burn and Heart Rate. Making the 7.4 AT technology all the more great are the bluetooth speakers which can be synced to any smart device of your choice so you can stream online workout classes, movies or listen to your favorite jams.

The convenient built-in fan will help cool you down when things get too hot and heavy. Speaking of convenience, our personal favorite feature is the multi-positional tablet holders, offering two separate places to place your tablet, phone or Kindle. We appreciate the Horizon 7.4 AT offering a higher holder so it does not obstruct any view of your 8.25” LCD screen, which is 1.25” larger than the 7.0 model.

The included Pro App allows you to adjust workouts from your device and easily keeps your favored fitness apps up to date by automatically updating work-out summaries. The Rapid Charge USB port provides assurance that your devices will never die. Overall, the Horizon 7.4 AT treadmill is an innovative option for those interested in the marriage of durability, power and functional technology.


Price Point

When considering the strength of the 3.5 CHP motor combined with Rapid-Sync Technology for smoother transitions ideal for HIIT exercise along with the durability of the Horizon brand, the 7.4 AT Treadmill is a great value. Although hundreds more in cost than the 7.0 model, the 7.4 comes packed with 0.5 more horsepower, two extra inches of deck width, five more workout programs, a larger LCD screen and better warranties.

If you’re looking for accessible interval training at a smaller price point similar to the 7.0 model, Horizon offers the T303 treadmill, part of its Go Series. However, with a smaller cost comes decreased motor power by 0.5 HP, a shorter deck, minimal workout programs and 3% less incline ability. That being said, if a tight budget keeps you grounded but interval training piques your interest, the 7.0 AT could be a good option to look into.

We love the boosted strength of the Horizon 7.4 AT treadmill for the way it can keep up with serious athletes looking to change their bodies and are looking to invest in their fitness for the long haul. As a comparison, Sole’s F80 treadmill has a price point similar to the 7.4 AT. The F80 has a weight capacity 50 pounds more than the 7.4 and a 1.75″ larger screen. Keep in mind, however, the 7.4 shines with its ability to offer interval training.


Pros and Cons

The interval training access the Horizon 7.4 AT treadmill easily provides makes it a set apart option compared to traditional treadmills, making it hard to find a con due to its specialized focus. However, if you’re a dedicated and serious athlete, you might consider the top of the line of the Studio Series, the 7.8 AT treadmill which comes with 4.0 HP power and a 9.5” high contrast color TFT screen, making it more eye-catching and tech-forward than the 7.4 model.

Yet, if you’re looking for lifetime access to training hard, the 7.4 AT will still meet your needs with its 3.5 CHP RapidSync Drive System that will keep you going more smoothly. Syncing with its bluetooth speakers, the 7.4 AT is created to function with any live or on-demand fitness app. The ability of further access to online workouts via your tablet make the 7.4 AT a smart and budget friendly solution for those hoping to access online classes such that Studio.live, Peloton and AFG offers.

The extra large 22” x 60” cushioned deck grants you space to move without worry while the FeatherLight folding ability gifts you further freedom of space when stored upright. Speaking of upright, keeping you upright is the impressive 15% incline, sure to provide the burn you’re hoping for while in motion.

A great draw to the Horizon 7.4 treadmill is the included workout programming available, detailed in the technology section, as well as the trustworthy Johnson Digital Drive Rapid Sync Motor System, making it a solid option for high-intensity workout buffs.


Horizon 7.4 AT Treadmill Specs

Weight Capacity325 pounds
Running Surface20″ x 60″ XL
Dimensions76″ x 37″ x 63″
Workout DisplayYes; 8.25″ LCD
Motor3.5 HP
Speed0.5-12 mph
Total Programs10


Warranty and Guarantee

When it comes to product longevity, Horizon Fitness knows how to step up to the plate. The carefully designed Studio Series was created with a lifetime of dedicated use in mind. Proving that, the 7.4 AT treadmill comes with a lifetime home warranty on both the FeatherLight Folding Frame and the Rapid Sync Motor.

Increased from the 3-year parts warranty of the lower on the totem pole 7.0 AT model, the 7.4 comes with a solid 5-years of parts protection. Also doubling in time compared to the 7.0 AT model, the upgraded 7.4 offers 2-years of labor warranty so you can keep peace of mind in place much longer.

It may be helpful for reference to note that the top of the line, most expensive treadmill in the Studio Series, the 7.8 AT, offers the exact same warranty coverage as the 7.4 AT treadmill. Horizon also offers a 30-day guarantee refund should you try the 7.4 AT on and find it to be ill-fitting. Warranties are often overlooked when it comes to purchases; that being said, you can rest assured you are making a fearless decision when electing the Horizon 7.4 AT treadmill to reach your fitness goals.


Summing Up This Review

Plainly put, the Horizon 7.4 AT Treadmill is ideal for those looking to increase their heart rate with high intensity workout opportunities. The 3.5 continuous horsepower motor with rapid-sync technology makes shifting intervals seamless and comfortable. Ideal for interval training buffs looking for the ability to customize their work outs, the Horizon 7.4 AT treadmill is a savvy choice for both trusted longevity and steady power.