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A couple of years ago, there was a Crohn’s disease diagnosis within our family that encouraged us to be more proactive about our health. Throughout the healing journey, we’ve found exercise, walking and running specifically, to be most beneficial.

With notable results in how we were feeling, we elected to dive head first into learning about the well-rounded physical and mental strength that fitness births. While deciding to invest in a home treadmill, we found it difficult to discover detail-oriented research that provided comparative insight to the endless options on the market.

Our passion for livelihood and well-informed long-term home investments is what drove our desire to create Trusted Treadmill. Incredibly grateful for your presence here with us, we hope in some form our research can provide guidance that helps you weed through the sea of treadmills and decipher which options are trustworthy enough to be considered for your home.

Cheers to wellness!